Best exotics shown in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s latest trailer

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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s latest trailer shows off new exotic gear that’ll be coming with the expansion and if you’re a Destiny player, the hype is real. The exotics look fresh and unique, not reskins or siblings of old Destiny 1 exotic gear, thus making the yellow piece of equipment mean something again.

Destiny 2, when compared to Destiny lacks in the exotic gear department. There are some great exotics in the game, for example, the DARCI sniper rifle or the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher. However, players hardly equip exotic gear in D2 because it’s really easy to find legendary gear that’s better than the exotic (EP shotgun anyone?).

You can only equip one piece of exotic armor and one piece of exotic weapons, and the whole point of this restriction was that exotics were these highly unique pieces of gear that stood out from the rest because of their unique perks. However, it doesn’t feel like that anymore with some of the exotics in D2.

It doesn’t help either that some of the best exotics in the game are either the old exotics from Destiny 1. Some exotics have been reskinned from the predecessor as well which doesn’t help either. For example, the original gauntlet piece in D1 was known as “Sunbreakers”, which became “Sunbracers” in D2 with exactly the same perks. Therefore, there’s a dire need to bring new exotics into the game that justify them being ‘exotic’.

The new trailer serves to do just that as it shows off quite a lot of new exotics that will leave any fan excited. Here are some of the best exotics the trailer showed:

Two-Tailed Fox

The trailer immediately starts off with a bang as it shows a rocket launcher which is different from the typical launchers in the game. Instead of having cluster bombs or mini projectiles after the main blast which we’ve seen in previous launchers, this one completely changes it up by firing two rockets at once.


Apart from the unique design and color scheme, the second rocket is impressive for another reason. The launcher in this trailer was shown in action in PvP combat and upon firing, both rockets flew in different directions towards two different players. This implies that the Two-Tailed Fox will also have tracking, where each rocket will track a different target. If that is the case, this will truly be a fan favorite in the Crucible.

Antaeus Wards 

A new exotic leg armor for the Titan subclass, the Antaeus Wards is one of the most intriguing pieces of exotic armor shown in this trailer From what we’ve seen, it might be extremely over-powered as its special perk is that it can reflect projectiles when you slide.


From what we see in the trailer, it’s able to reflect a rocket launcher shot back to the person who fired it which ends up killing him. That alone will make it something that’s used often in the crucible because rockets are one hit kills in PvP. Furthermore, there’s a lot more potential for this piece, for example, can it reflect the annoying colossus projectiles? Or even Nova Bombs in PvP? I guess we’ll find out.

Chromatic Fire

This Warlock chest piece causes enemies to explode upon precision kills with your Kinetic weapon. This is nothing new as a few weapons come with the perk such as the Sunshot which causes an explosion after kills. However, with this armor piece, you get a void elemental explosion after every precision kill from any kinetic weapon of your liking. With the right weapon of choice, such as a good scout rifle, this armor piece will be very useful in clearing hordes of enemies.


Trinity Ghoul

Bows are a new addition to the different types of weapons Destiny 2 has to offer. The best way to get more people to use the new weapon type is to introduce a really cool bow and the Trinity Ghoul is just that. Whenever you get a precision kill, which from the gameplay we’ve seen so far is something you’re often able to get with the bow, then it creates an electrical storm that kills nearby enemies.

It’s another weapon that’s aimed mostly for PvE as it’ll be good for taking out hordes of enemies. This is how its perk will look like:


This weapon might just be the most sought-after PvP weapon when forsaken drops. Its amazing perk enables you to see through walls which can come really handy in PvP. Moreover, its piercing rounds mean that your arrows will go through one target to hit another target behind them. Therefore, it might be possible to get two kills with one headshot in PvP through this bow. Here’s the special perk in action:

Special mention

Although we don’t know anything about this shotgun as it was shown at the end with no name, the design is interesting. From the trailer, it looked like a pump shotgun and it was covered in hive runes. The latter part is the most interesting thing about it because it might have some lore, story or quest behind it through which we obtain it.

Whatever’s the case, the new expansion is looking pretty good so far. Expect Bungie to drop more details as it comes closer.

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