Best Electric Shavers of 2018: Efficient, Smooth and Under Budget

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When it comes to razors, there is a plethora of them out there. While the traditional razors still exist, the world has adopted Electric Razors as they tend to give a cleaner and smoother shave. Therefore, to help you with your electric Razor shopping spree, this article lays out the best ones out there with each one’s pros and cons.

It should be noted that isn’t easy to call any single razor the best, since it totally depends on the customer’s preferences, be it portability, efficiency or smoothness, and budget too. Not only this, but some people tend to have sensitive skins, therefore, you also have to keep that in mind.

Also, some might not want to wash their faces before shaving, so there the Wet&Dry feature comes handy.  Therefore, the list is merely an indication of the best electric shavers which you can buy right now on Amazon without any ranking of sorts.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

The first one on our list is the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D. This is the perfect candidate if you want to shave your head or beard. There isn’t any better company than Philips when it comes to rotary shavers. It is known that Rotary Shavers can cause discomfort, but surprisingly this one doesn’t. On the contrary, it gives a nice finish and a smoother shave than you would expect.

Courtesy the three independent round foils, rest assured of the razor reaching all of the hair, and effectively removing them. The foils essentially stick to the contours of the face, and thus the razor is easy is move around. If you find yourself to be Bald, then this is the razor you were looking for. This is because of its GyroFlex 3D head, which makes the foils spin or moves upward and downward, and even tilt. Since the razor can move in all three dimensions, it becomes really easy to shave your head if you want to.

The razor also employs another technology known as “Super Lift&Cut”, effectively removing hair on your neck or jawline. As for the Cons, the razor doesn’t feel like a premium one in hand since it is built from plastic and rubber. Also, if you were going to get its part or two replaced if it malfunctions, then you would have to spend out much extra cash than usual. Not only this, in case the battery life is over, you can’t do much but ask a technician for help since the battery is non-removable. Furthermore, if you want to charge it you would have to charge it on its dock since it won’t charge on a cord.  Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D can be bought from Amazon here.

Philips Norelco 6100

If you want to get your hands on a rotary shaver for just under $100, then this might be your only branded option. Rotary shavers tend to be overly priced, yet this one isn’t. The comfort and convenience, this electric shaver offers are quite unmatched. Bring your mind at peace, since this Razor would clip nearly every hair it passes through quite easily. Though the shaver is best used on the wet skin if you tend to have a sensitive skin, you might end up with a degree of skin irritation after shave.

Considering the fact that they the better razors out there are nearly priced three to four times more than this, they aren’t really three to four times better than this one. So if you are on budget shopping then this should be on your list.  Get it from Amazon here.

Remington F5-5800

It is quite inexpensive when you think about the price tag for which it is offered. Remington is quite well known when it comes to electronics and so are its shavers. Being the first one to employ the cordless charging system in their razors, they stand out amongst others. The Remington F5-5800 consists of two foils and also has 1 trimmer in the head. Not only can the head easily move around but it can also move upward or downward leading to a rather comfortable shave than usual. Perhaps the reason why you should buy this razor is its extremely low price i.e. under $50. There is no harm in having a backup razor at home, in case one isn’t charged or malfunctions.

This can quite easily serve as a backup shaver or be the primary one for those who don’t want to buy a premium razor. With its pivoting head, a smooth and comfortable shave is expected. Though, with the low price tag, it is expected that the razor is made up of cheap quality plastic. Also, the shave might not be that close as expected on the pricier models. Furthermore, the noise it makes might irritate you too. If its cheap, it doesn’t mean that it is a one-time investment only. You would be needing to buy its part after every 4-6 months. Get it from Amazon here.

Braun cruZer

The Braun is a notable company and their Braun cruZer is another one of their products which has indeed proved itself. The Cruzer has a twistable trimmer, which helps you with more accurate trimming. Be it a clean shave or a stubble look, this shaver is the one. Not only this, but it can also be used in the shower. Don’t worry, since you rest assured of a clean look everytime you shave. There is also a detailed precision trimmer, helping you to style your beard the way you think is best. Moreover, it also has a dual battery system too meaning prolong battery life. Buy it from Amazon here.

Wahl Professional 8061

The Wahl Professional 8061 is a brand from America. You might have seen this one in the hands of a professional barber often. The shaver has Hypoallergenic Foil Heads. Therefore, if you happened to have sensitive skin, then this is the perfect electric razor for you. This is courtesy the Dynaflex cutting system, making sure you don’t get cuts and burns. Furthermore, you are safe from bacteria too as the razor offers anti-microbial protection.

Not only this, but the razor also has an easy to use design. Furthermore, it is easy to clean too, therefore, your old hair won’t be trapped forever on the razor. Also, if you are a frequent traveler then this shaver is your best bet since it offers a longer battery life as compared to other ones. Furthermore, it won’t be hard on the pocket either, since this razor doesn’t cost much.

Though all that glitters is not gold, as the Razor does have some drawbacks. First of all, the razor gets hot, when under use for a couple of minutes. Not only that, but due to high vibrations, it might be cumbersome to hold the shaver steady. Furthermore, the Razer doesn’t have a Wet and Dry feature too. Moreover, it isn’t that comfortable either along with the fact that it is best suited for only stubble hair length. Buy it from Amazon here.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

We all know about Braun and its high-quality products don’t need any introduction. Such is the case with the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Razor too. If there is a razor with the best value for money, then this is surely the one. The shaver has a built-in display showing the battery level too. Though it might not be accurate, it is still good a feature to have, since you can put the razor to get charged whenever you feel like the battery is about to get finished.

Furthermore, the Razor is affordable too, and a good quality shave is what you can expect from this Razor. Perhaps, the best feature this Razor has is that you don’t need to wet your face before you shave since the Razor is also expected to work with a dry face. This is ideal for those who don’t want to wet their face early in the morning and just start shaving right out of getting out of bed.

Though, there are some downsides too. The charging time for the Razor is higher than usual. It might also leave a stubble here and then when shaving. Perhaps, it isn’t the best one out there but considering its affordability many would go for this one. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

Panasonic Arc 3

Pansonic is another great brand name when it comes to electronics. These razors are offered for different price tags, yet the quality of shave they offer is almost equally good on all of them. The LED Panel would tell you about the remaining battery life, while courtesy the 3 blade cutting system, rest assured of a close shave. Not only this but the blades on the Razor are Hypoallergenic while being sharp at the same time. This makes it ideal for those who tend to have sensitive skins. Therefore, you can quite easily avoid all the burns and cuts without any risk of allergies. Moreover, the electric shaver comes with the much appreciated Wet and Dry technology as well.

Though, sadly there isn’t any cleaning or charging dock of a sort, which explains the lower price tag of the razor. Also, the razor might be a bit irritative to use on the skin even though with its advanced technology. Furthermore, the motor which makes the shave function in the first place can be a bit noisier than usual too. Buy it from Amazon here.

Philips OneBlade

It is as simple as it seems in the image. It is certainly the best electric shaver in the price tag, and might also give a tough time to those $100 shavers out there. Not everyone can afford an expensive shaver, yet this one offers nearly what expensive shavers do. If you regularly trim or style your facial hair, then this is quite best at the job. Courtesy a super convenient pop-up trimmer, you can style your beard the way you think would be best-looking.

Though there is a caveat involved when it comes to pricing. The cutting implements would actually need replacement two times as usual. Though that replacement parts are cheap, so it is still a good deal to buy one. On the contrary, it might be a hassle to change the blades, which was the primary reason why People tend to change their shaver preference from a traditional manual to an electric one. Buy it from Amazon here.

Wahl WA9918-1012

Wahl, the American company is known for its super cheap and inexpensive electric shavers. Hats off should be given to their marketing team, which managed to bring Wahl’s products into the limelight. This is because Wahl’s razors are more like average ones, with no out of the ordinary functions. It is just that they are relatively inexpensive to buy. Therefore, they are seen more at barbers than households. Such is the Wahl WA9918-1012 which is super cheap.

If a person just wants to get a shave for the sake of it, he just wants a close shave rather than caring about detailing and all. Though this one is marketed for home use, its design is still rather minimalistic. Even then, it gives a very close shave, removing any coarse hair on its way. Not only this, but you can choose from a variety of foils which are made different to suit different skin types. Though the standard foil does its job good too, so going for the standard one, in case a specific foil isn’t available won’t do you any harm. You can get a series of Wahl’s razors from Amazon here.

Remington XF8505 Capture Cut


This one is sure going to attract those who like to shave in the shower. This can come in quite handy when you want to simultaneously take a shower and shave instead of wasting a bit of time in front of the mirror. Not only this but courtesy its foil, be sure of a clean and closer shave than you would expect in other shavers in this price range.

The blades have been designed such, that it will remove nearly all the hairs when the electric shaver moves around them. Not only this, but it is also compact, which makes it easier to handle and shave. Though it appears simple, it only makes it more usable and efficient. This is a plus point when you are looking for a faster shave. Buy it from Amazon here.


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