Best Electric Razors of 2018 – Revamp your Outlook by Shaving

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In everyday life, it’s important that one starts his day fresh and clean. In order to upkeep the body hygiene, along with the routine washing of face and bath, shaving your facial hair plays a vital role in making you look more confident, appealing and clean. According to an estimate, a man shaves 20,000 times in his entire lifetime, spending about 60 hours.

It not only improves your outlook but also keeps your skin clear by removing the dead skin, giving you a younger look. Also, according to a research, 71% of women prefer clean-shaven men over the guys with beards. 91% of men who shave regularly feel more fresh, satisfied, secure and groomed.

But once it comes to buying the shaving kits to help shave away the facial hair, all those packaging with attractive logos alongside super-hot models promoting their products with “multiple blades!”, “long-lasting battery” and other such like exhortations puts one at a place where is hard to point your finger at one brand and get going with it.

While you may love one product’s features, others may attract your attention with their sleek design, style, price, comfort or handling and ease of use. Making a choice among all the eye-catching products is a tough job.

In this review, we will help by making that job easy for you.

Choosing The Best Electric Razor?

Here are few of the features that you may consider before choosing a shaver!

  1. One that moves with you; easy to be carried along
  2. Have multiple blade action to have a smoother shave
  3. Gives you the best battery time and speedy charging
  4. Have long-lasting blades
  5. Reliable
  6. Cost-effective
  7. Easy shaving Mechanism
  8. Leaves your skin ‘less irritable’
  9. Comfort of use
  10. Shaving performance
  11. Overall worth of brand and product
  12. Durable


The shavers can be used for the following purposes:

  • Beard Grooming
  • Facial Hair
  • Hair Styling Razors
  • Body Grooming
  • Neck Hair

Types of Shavers Available:

In the market today, you will find a wide range of razors;

  1. Traditional Razors
  2. Electric Shavers
    For individuals who travel a lot and love having electronic portable devices with them, which stay long and handy, are prone to choosing Electric shavers over all the other types. For this type, you have to consider the overall battery life too, along with the other features.

Categories of Electric shavers:
There are certain categories in which the shavers today are classified.

    1. Foil VS Rotary

      Foil Shavers

      These razors are to be used straight in a back-and-forth motion over the area that needs to be shaved. The foil is static, while the blade does the hair cutting. This type is more favored by men that have a sensitive skin, susceptible to razor burns or by those with short hair that require shaving on daily basis.

      Suggested Brands: Braun and Panasonic Rotary Shavers.These types of razors have 3 heads that are capable of moving in circular motion, rotating the cutters to work in accordance with your face’s shape. Men with a regular to tough skin and hair type may use rotary shavers; those who do not shave very often and have long hair.

      Suggested Brands
      : Philips and Remington

    2. Number of Blades: Ranging from two to five Blades
    3. Cleaning docks
    4. Flex motion
    5. LED indicators VS Non-LED
    6. Pop-up trimmers
    7. Precision Heads
    8. Wet & Dry Technology

Best Electric Shavers of 2017

Mentioned below are TOP 10 Shavers that you can get at just the right price for just the right features:

  1. Braun Series 9-9095cc

The electric shaver Braun Series 9-9095cc is made to cater the needs of men who are seeking a shaver that they can easily use with or without gel, in the shower and one that can last long, without having to change the shaver heads.

The 2 sharp Opti-foil blades; a Direct & Cut Trimmer and Hyper-Lift & Cut Trimmer, on the razor’s head allow perfectly easy close shave. Each blade works separately and cut out maximum hair from your neck and face giving you a smooth skin and works flawlessly for men with sensitive skin.

The Braun Series 9-9095cc has a pivoting head with a Multi-Head lock that gives 5 different angles that can be adjusted as it moves and can last almost up to 18 months, but some men find its head is too wide which makes the handling a bit difficult. With a smart SyncroSonic technology, this shaver gives exceptional noiseless precision at a power of 10,000 CPM i.e. almost 40,000 cutting strokes per minute.

The best part about it is that you can take it along in the provided protective travel pouch and use it on battery for almost 50 minutes. It takes almost an hour to get completely charged, but can also acquire 5 minutes quick charge for one shave if you are in a hurry.

It also comes with an LCD display that indicates your level of hygiene, a LED battery display, and a two years warranty card.

Although it gives you the ease of getting an alcohol-based cleaning with the touch of just one button to lubricate, clean, dry and charge the shaver within minutes, the charging & cleaning station is quite heavy and difficult to be carried along.

This dark gray and charcoal colored all-plastic yet sleek and attractive body shaver come with a cleaning cartridge that can last up to two months and a cleaning brush. It may be quite an expensive pick, but with such extraordinary features, if you want to cherish a durable, flawless and a user-friendly shaving experience, it is worth every penny.


  • Extra trimmer: ‘Direct & Cut’
  • 5-minute quick charge
  • 40,000 action of cross-cutting
  • Comfortable for use
  • Cleans shaver with just the touch of a button
  • Long lasting shaver heads
  • Fast and easy shave
  • Less frequent shaving
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Overall Rating: 9.6/10


  • All Plastic quality
  • Expensive
  • Avoid using this in the shower.
  • Cartridge renewal once every 2 months.
  • Shower head replacement once in 18 months
  1. Braun Series 7 799cc

This version of Braun7 series is an exception shaving option, powered by a motor that runs on 14 000 CPM and is packed with an innovative Pulsonic Technology that allows a remarkable 10,000 vibrations per minute capturing your facial and neck hair.

It allows you to choose from 3 different modes; Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive, to enable a flexible and thorough facial compliance. Each move can be chosen by pressing the two buttons provided on the sides, alongside the ON/OFF switch.

The huge 5-blade cutting head of the Series 7 is very basic; with two foil cutters and a middle trimmer. Each of the trimmer moves independently, but the head of the shaver can only be moved in a back and forth motion, not sideways.There are two OptiFoil Trimmers on this shaver intercept the hair growth and cuts them closely to your skin’s surface of the skin, resulting in the close shave. This shaver will perform great either you shave on daily basis or after two to three days.

In the very front of the head of the shaver lies a pop-up trimmer which plays a perfect role in overall grooming e.g. getting the sideburns trimmed. You can also lock the head of the trimmer at your desired place, so as to gain more handling control.

The foil and cutter assembly, however, must get a replacement every 18 months, but it can last up to two years too, so it all depends upon the frequency at which you use your shaver.

Braun Series 7 799cc not only helps in removing the normal hair but does wonders by making use of the Active lift technology the makes use of the slit foil trimmer residing in the middle of the shaver which moves in a slanting direction, lifts the hair and cuts them to the required size. It captures maximum flat-lying hair that grows parallel to your skin, to give a precise and smooth shave.

Braun makes use of perforated foil in its shavers that contain hexagonal holes instead of the round ones. This increases the efficiency substantially by making use of the hexagonal pattern through minimizing the spaces between the perforations.

The shaver is pretty bulky and not very comfortable to handle but since it gives you 3 cutting elements option, you may cut down the excessive weight to support the perfect maneuver. You also enjoy a perfect grip and control on the shaver because of the rubber body on the sides and back.

The shaver has an LCD display that shows the battery life and your hygiene status. It comes with a charging and cleaning station that makes use of alcohol to clean and sanitize the shaver quietly, in a very short time, depending upon the hygiene level and then charge it so that you get a fully charged razor for the next use.

The only thing to consider is that the cleaning cartridges last for about 30 cycles and require a replacement, which is pricey.

A Li-Ion battery has been placed in the razor, that gives a battery life of almost 50 minutes, and needs approximately an hour to get fully charged, but a quick charge of 5 minutes could also be done if you are in a hurry, which is enough for one shave.

With all said, Braun Series 7 799cc is considerably costly, but if it fits your budget then you would not find any other electric razor better than this one.

It is surely a great choice if you want a faster shaver, and a shaver that can cover larger skin area, in less time, and ease. It is not only a great option for trimming the hair of your face or neck but works flawlessly in case you plan to shave the hair on your head.


  • 5-minute quick charge.
  • 1 touch clean button
  • Balance of cost VS performance
  • Solid build
  • Charging dock
  • Customization modes
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Overall Rating: 9.6/10


  • Expensive
  • Avoid using this in the shower.
  • Cartridge renewal once every 2 months.
  • Shower head replacement once in 18 months
  1. Panasonic Arc5 (ES-LV95-S) Men’s Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5

The black and silvery- gray colored Panasonic Arc 5 is a foil style shaver that has an elegant looking plastic casing and comes with a matching colored charging and cleaning station. It weighs only seven ounces and is very light to carry.

Built with a head that contains three micro thin foils; the Lift Tech foil, Slit Blade Foil and the Finishing Foil. The Lift-Tech foil helps in raising the hair that lies flat on your skin and cut them clean.

Then the Slit Blade Foil trims the long hair and finally, the Finishing Foil snips off the stubborn extra-thick hair which may have been missed by the first two foils, giving you an instant clean shave by capturing your facial and neck hair closely from the skin and trimming them off gently and with great precision.

The shaver is powered by a high-efficiency motor that runs at a fast linear motion at 14,000 CPM. The Panasonic sensors placed inside the shaver detects your hair density and recognizes the area; neck, jawline, cheeks etc. and then shaves accordingly by adjusting its power. It accelerates automatically in the thick growth area and decelerates where the growth is less.

Panasonic Arc 5 shaver has a multi-flex pivoting head that adapts to the shape of your face and moves along the curves, minimizing any sort of irritation or redness. There are five ultra-sharp hypoallergenic Nanotech blades adjusted inside the shaver that is ultra-thin.

Each of the blades has a capability of cutting at a thirty- degree angle, thus trimming your hair efficiently. There is also a pop-up trimmer available which gives a precision trimming around beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

An LCD panel has been beautifully placed on the front of the shaver that displays the variety of different functions that the shaver provides e.g. safety lock that keeps your shaver from turning ON, while in transit.

This shaver can be used wet or dry; over the sink or in the shower but it provides better shave if you use a shaving gel or form. The cleaning dock is simple to use and the cleaning and charging functionality is also great. All you have to do is place the shaver on the cleaning unit, head down and press the ON button.

This will allow the unit to automatically clean, dry as well as charge your shaver. There is also an overwhelming sonic vibration cleaning mode that assists you in cleaning the shaver by vibrating, allowing removal of hair trapped inside the blades.

Available at a great price and wide range of functionalities, Panasonic Arc 5 is one of the top selling best electric razors available in the market.


  • Good for heavy hair
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Overall Rating: 9.8/10


  • Not too comfortable
  • Expensive head requiring replacement once every year.
  • Bulky
  • Large head
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  1. Phillips Norelco 9700- 9000 SeriesPhillips Norelco 9000 Series-min

Phillips Norelco 9700- 9000 Series comes with a new Contour Detect Technology that follows and adapts to the contour of your face, chin, and other hard-reaching sensitive hair growth areas. It has an Advanced User Interface with a remarkable motion sensor that displays the percentage use as well as the battery life in percentage.

When placed in Auto clean mode, the Smart clean technology tells you about the cleaning status of the shaver; the percentage of work done to the time when it has finished cleaning. It also displays your hygiene status and alerts you to clean your shaver, in time.

  • Battery indicator: 3 digits (indicates Low/Full Battery)
  • Indicates Cleaning mode
  • indicates if the head of the shaver needs replacement
  • Shows Travel lock

The shaving head gained an upgrade from the previous version, as now it can independently move in almost 8 different directions, allowing trimming of up to 20% more hair, per pass. Hence, you can get a clean shave in fairly less amount time.

The shaver has V-Track Precision Blades that cuts off the hair in the most optimal position allowing a 30% close and comfortable shave. The trimmer clicks onto the head, which gives your mustache and sideburns a perfect skin-friendly ideal maintenance trimming.

With the AquaTec- Wet & Dry seal, you can choose your shaving preference, a dry quick shave or a wet comfortable shave, with shaving foam/ gel.

Since the hair size and texture vary from person to person, this shaver comes with remarkable Personal Comfort Settings to suit everyone’s needs. It allows you to choose your choice of mode; slow for individuals with sensitive skin, Medium for normal regular shaving or Fast if you require a rapid action or shave the heavy hair growth.

The shaver is packed with a Smart Clean Plus dock that lubricates, cleans as well as charges the Phillips Norelco 9700- 9000 Series shaver, with a touch of just one button.With an hour of long-lasting Lithium-ion battery charging, this shaver gives you 60 minutes of cordless shaving. You can also opt for 5 minutes quick charge capability to charge your shaver with just enough power to give you one perfect shave.

Lastly, taking into consideration the exquisite features, the extraordinary Build and promising durability, it is certain that this version of Philips shaver gives out the best possible performance and backed with a 2 years warranty, it stands out to be one of the best shavers to give you a satisfying close shave in a worthwhile price.


  • 8 direction Contour Detect Heads
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet shaving
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Separate trimmer head


  • Trimmer not assimilated
  • No cleaning dock
  • No guard on head
  1. Philips Norelco 8700- SensoTouch 3D-1250X/42

Philips Norelco 8700- SensoTouch 3D-1250X/42

With an impressive rapid action performance, Philips Norelco 8700 is great for shaving. It has a considerably big enough head to cover a large surface area of the face, allowing wider area shaving with just a single stroke.

Philips Norelco 8700 allows you to choose your shaving choice; whether dry or wet, it works perfectly. It not only has an impeccable grip when used dry but helps you handle the shaver easily if you prefer to use a gel or foam for shaving or if your hands are wet.It also comes with a Super Lift and Cut Technology that allows you to remove the flat-lying hair from difficult hair regions, like the neck or jaw line. This razor lifts the flat hair easily and cuts them away, flawlessly.

The head of the shaver has a flat surface and rounded edges which make it skin-friendly and aids in guiding it smoothly across your skin. One of the features that make this shaver stand out is the GyroFlex 3D Contouring System that allows the three parts in the head of the shaver to move individually; lean inwards, bend outwards as well as rotate along the shape of your of your face, giving you an effortless exceptional clean and close shave.

The 3 Track head of the shaver has 3 shaving tracks that help to get rid of almost every length and kind of facial hair; from a small stubble to a full grown beard, it trims of all the hair with ease and gives a perfectly close shave. It works its magic quietly and makes absolutely no noise.

The Philips Norelco 8700 comes with a Jet Cleaning and Charging Station that cleans the shaver within minutes, with a press of one button and then puts it on charging.

The LED Display on this electric shaver indicates the percentage of charging left in the shaver. It possesses a Li-Ion battery with an exceptional battery life, which can be fully charged within an hour and then gives a 50 minutes shaving time.

The battery may last for three to four days, depending upon your frequency of use. But the one downside to this shaver is its irreplaceability i.e. if the battery life ends or your battery fails, you’d have to buy a new shaver, instead of just getting the battery replaced. But, since this shaver is known for its durability, the chances of battery failure are quite low, at least for a few long years.

Another thing about this shaver that people have been found complaining about is that it requires a charging stand to get charged, i.e. you must carry the stand along with your shaver if you plan to travel.

With such an incredible battery life and remarkable features, this version of Philips Norelco shavers is undoubtedly one of the best shavers available in the market.


  • Head movable in 3 dimensions
  • Comfortable for use
  • Head shaver: GyroFlex 3D
  • Super Lift & Cute Feature


  • Build: Cheap quality; plastic and rubber
  • Costly replacement parts
  • Charged by dock only
  • Irreplaceable Battery
  1. Panasonic Arc4 (ES-LA63-S) Men’s Electric Shaver


Panasonic Arc4 (ES-LA63-S) Men’s Electric Shaver

In the line of foil-style men’s shavers, Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 is one of the most popular shavers. A shaver with a sleek design, light gray colored body dark along the sides and a pivoting flex head that glides along the facial couture, giving you perfect close shave. The head is placed at a certain angle allowing better handling of the shaver. It has a narrow neck that holds the head and the body together.

In the middle of the shaver’s handle is an ON/OFF switch, aside to which lies a blue light on black LCD display screen display that shows the current battery status- a ten stage display, easy to read. A charging indicator along with a warning indicator is also placed on the shaver that lights up when your shaver requires cleaning or replacement of the blades.

A safety lock is also available on the Panasonic Arc4 which allows you to keep the shaver in an OFF state to avoid it from accidentally turning ON during traveling.

The shaver has a multi-flex pivoting head with a multi-arc foil that conforms to the shape of your face to give you better and more comfortable shaving experience. It is recommended that the blades of the shaver are replaced once a year or once every two years.

The head of the shaver contains four rows of sharp blades, made from hypo-allergenic steel, inclined at a thirty-degree angle. Each of the blades is precision honed for their durability.It contains a pop-up trimmer that comes out from the backside of the shaver and can be utilized for quick trimming and detailing of mustache, sideburns or beard.

The shaver is powered by high-speed dual motors that give a linear drive at 14,000 CPM with 56,000 crosscuts on the face per minute.

The motor helps in moving the head in sideways and up-down movement, enabling the blades to lift the flat-lying hair and cut them with precision to deliver a constant and smooth shave, rapidly. No matter how coarse or dense the hair may be, the shaver trims and shave them evenly.

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S is a cordless shaver can be easily recharged. You may use the shaver for dry, as well as wet shaving; i.e. it is your choice whether you want to use gels or foams for shaving, or not.

This version of Panasonic Arc4 Men is a great pick and has been an award-winning shaver. It is available for a fairly good price and is quite affordable for most of the men.

This shaver, however, does not come with any cleaning station but the cleaning of the shaver is easy as it has a sonic vibration mode that can be turned on with a button.

This cleans the shaver by vibrating, once put under running tap water. It has all other features available to provide men with perfect shaving experience.


  • Economical
  • Can be used in water without damage
  • Cheap replacement heads
  • Rotates 30 degrees
  • LED panel
  • 2-year warranty
  • Overall Rating: 9.3/10


  • Head replacement once a year
  • Not comfortable
  • No charging dock
  • Little less battery life, compared to others
  1. Wahl 8061

Wahl 8061

Wahl Professional 8061 is a five-star shaver that has been popular especially among the barbers. This razor has the unique ability to move over your skin, removing your hair, without having to snag or pulls off the hair follicles i.e. reduced irritation and shaving burns.

Along with that, this shaver is very durable and has a strong casing that helps in carrying it along easily while traveling.

This shaver has been designed with a professional mind as it comes with various attachments; each of which can be used to tailor your cutting experience. It can either be used for shaving off hair from the face, neck, beard or head, as well as to trim and shape your mustaches, sideburns or beards.

It works flawlessly on all hair types; thin, fine, coarse etc. but it is hard to trim or shape long length hair with this shaver.This shaver may look old with its looks but as no book is supposed to be judged by its cover, it shouldn’t be, either. Despite its vintage aesthetic, Wahl 8061 is one of the best and most high-tech shavers in the market.

The 8061 seems to replace all its competitors because of its fine, quick and nimble shaving and the availability of this shaver at a worthwhile cost. It is very light in weight and weighs eight ounces.

The battery it possesses is a small cell, which works efficiently once fully rechargeable and gives out a remarkable battery life, but it still could have some improvements, especially for the professional users.

You may use it cordlessly, allowing you more portability. It features a specially designed hypoallergenic foil coating on the top of the blades to help reduce the amount of friction and irritation while cutting.

With such efficient features, Wahl is a super affordable model, available at the cost of about $50.

The head of this shaver comprises of foil which may require a replacement after some use, but it outlasts many of its competitors. Also, the replacement parts are available at a low cost of almost less than $20.

The Wahl shaver measures only 2.5 inches by 1.2 inches by 5 inches. The shaver comes with a charger in the box and a one-year warranty card.


  • Affordable
  • Barber’s choice
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Travel- friendly


  • Works only on hair of a subtle length
  • Too much vibration
  • Heats up quickly
  • Uncomfortable
  1. Philips Norelco AT830


Philips Norelco AT830

The AT830 comes with a pivoting smart flex heads which allow it to adjust itself to the shape and curve of your face, neck, jawline to provide a close, tight shave. Each of the heads can be pushed or released, allowing more handling ease and a far better shaving experience, in comparison to its competitors with fixed heads.

This shaver also comes with the unique Aquatec seal that makes it easier for you to shave comfortably, with a shaving foam/gel or in a shower.

The Powertouch AT830 gives its users an efficient single pass perfect shave that cuts the long, as well as flat laying hair short, with a dual-precision mechanism, hence reducing the chances of getting shave burns or irritation.In comparison to its competitors that require almost 8 hours of charging, AT830 only takes one hour to get fully charged and gives a 40 minutes shaving time. This feature works best especially for the people who travel a lot since it makes it a lot easier for them to pack this shaver up and use it for long, only on a single charge.

It also has an efficient quick charge mechanism that allows you to charge the shaver for just three minutes to give it enough power for one quick shave.

This electric shaver is fully washable. This means that you can take it with you in the shower, and cleaning means rinsing it for a couple of times. It also includes a LED indicator that indicates battery status; showing you when the battery is low or full.


  • Most famous
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable shaving
  • Head movable in 3-dimensions
  • Dual Precision Tech
  • Power Touch
  • Trims without noise
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Handy


  • Little head pivoting
  1. Braun CoolTec

Braun CoolTec

Braun CoolTec claims that this shaver is made with a proprietary cooling technology which makes it a unique product. It has a physical aluminum bar that plays a vital role in the cooling mechanism.

It acts as a pack of ice on the head of the shaver and drops the temperature of the bar to as low as 20°C, giving your skin a cooling effect, while you shave. All you have to do is activate the cooling technology by pressing just one button.

This cooling will help greatly in avoiding any razor burns, redness or skin irritation. This makes CoolTec perfect especially for people with sensitive skin.

Another advantage of owning is that it can give you a perfect clean by capturing hair growing in different directions, that too on dry or wet mode; i.e. it can be used dry or shaving can be done with gel or shaving foam, depending upon your choice. It is, however, preferably encouraged to avoid the use of any gel or shaving cream to avoid any sort of thermal insulation and possible damage to the shaver.

The back of this shaver acts as a trimmer attachment which can be used to shape the hair of your mustache, sideburns or beard. This shaver comes with a powerful motor, featuring an adaptable cutting system employing three separate stages to deliver a close, clean shave every time.

Like many other versions put forward by the top notch Braun Shaver Series, CoolTec also comes with an automatic alcohol based cleaning dock that not only cleans the shaver but also charges it. The cleaner lubricates, cleans and charges the shaver and adds a pleasant odor to the shaver.

It takes almost an hour to charge the shaver completely giving this shaver a reasonable battery life of running up to almost 45 minutes. Like all other Braun Series shavers, you can give this shaver a quick 5-minute charge to provide it enough power to support a single shave.

With a 2-year warranty, Braun CoolTec is one of the finest and most affordable electric shavers available.


  • TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) Technology
  • Catches hair grown in different directions
  • 2-year warranty


  • Do not use with gels/ foams
  • Small battery life
  1. Panasonic Arc 3

Panasonic Arc 3

Arc3 has a sleek design and the shape & rubber finishing allows you to get an easy firm grip. The middle part of its body is chrome-plated. It has a very compact size and is great to be carried around when traveling in the provided traveling pouch.

At the very top of the LCD screen, placed in the middle of the shaver’s body, lies the power button. The display screen is an incredible indicator that tells you when the razor requires cleaning or replacement or if it is running out of battery. With one full battery charging, this shaver gives a 42-minute run time.

According to the Panasonic company, this razor is 100% waterproof, but the customers have been complaining about its LCD screen, where water can seep in easily. Few reviews have also claimed that say that the LCD display darkens over time, with a few time usage.

The only downside to this is that with a darkened screen, you will not be able to view the battery status; otherwise, since it causes not much of a hindrance in the working of the shaver, this bottleneck can be avoided.

This version on Panasonic shavers comes with a three blade system i.e. 3 rows of hypoallergenic NanoTech minor blades being aligned at a 30-degrees angle pivoting head, for the purpose of giving you’re the perfect close shave.

The shaver runs at a Linear Motor that is made to operate at its peak power, giving 13000 RPM rapid cuts. One issue with this razor is that the foils start heating up if the shaver is used for an extended period of time but, the shaver gives a smooth comfortable shave, with no tugging or pulling of your skin.

This shaver works efficiently whether used for a wet or dry shave, depending on your choice and shaving preference. You may also use it under the shower to save time.

For the individuals who like maintaining their mustaches or sideburns, this shaver gives you the ability to trim your beard, mustache or sideburns hair the way you desire, with the provided Pop-up trimmer. This trimmer easily pops out from the shaver’s side.

Panasonic Arc 3 does not come with any cleaning dock; therefore, you would have to wash it under the running water. But the plus point is the turbo sonic vibration cleaning mode, which accelerates the shaver’s motor up to 17,000 RPM and aids in cleaning out the hair stuck between the blades, as you rinse off. All you have to do is remove the foil before washing it under the tap. Cleaning it like this does not take long, but it is necessary that you clean the shaver regularly to avoid it jamming up or slowing down.

A wide majority of the men love the Panasonic Arc 3 as it is the best electric razor available, with almost all perfect specs and the biggest advantage of it is that you do not have to buy any sort of cleaning refills to get the razor cleaned up, but the foil could certainly require an annual replacement and the blades would have to be changed every two years. This shaver has not only been used for the men, as women have also been reported to have used it for shaving their legs.


  • Affordable
  • Interchangeable length
  • 10 stage Illuminated LCD
  • Fast
  • Good battery life
  • Hypo allergic blades
  • Safe trimming


  • No charging dock
  • Noisy
  • No cleaning dock

Advantages of Electric shavers: Electric razors are portable and more convenient for use because it won’t require the packing of shaving gel. You can shave on the run and some of the razors may also be used in the shower.

The disadvantage of Electric shavers: The main hindrance comes in when ‘the machine needs to be charged’! Also, according to few men, with the use of the electric shavers, your hair may also grow out more quickly, compared to the traditional standard ones.

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