Best Comfortable Office Chairs; Choose wisely!

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Jobs these days require endless hours of concentration, sitting at a single place for hours a stretch in your workplace and that too in front of a LED screen.

Being seated for long hours can pose serious health related issues, disorders like Upper Extremity Repetitive Stress Injuries (UE-RSI’s), Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs), or Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs). These all pertain to pain in tendons connecting fingers, neck and spine. Therefore, a little carelessness at one’s part can lead to such devastating outcomes.

However with the advent of technology work is being done to introduce ergonomic office chairs. Such that these chairs not only sooth the muscles but have increased over all work efficiency of the people. Here is a list of few of the best chairs one can opt for;

Herman miller Embody Chair

From the makers of Aeron chair, accompanying a lofty price comes the one of a kind Embody chair. Specifically designed with a health-positive note, the chair has little to no flaws.

It supports the user in a way to promote circulation and ease down muscles, with no burden to spine or neck. Classified so far as the best, this chair has no match but the high price kind of makes it less famous in the business world.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Perfectly molding your body with any posture, The Gesture chair is one of the finest specimen so far in the ergonomic chairs. Living up to its pretty price, the chair’s LiveBack technology provides comfort to both neck and back, accommodating every posture, soothing away those over work kinks.

The award-winning chair has several utility features allowing the user to set it according to his/her need; adjusting the height, the softness and the perfect angle for head and armrest.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Widely popular in the corporate world, this piece of art released in the 90’s is still high on demand office chair. Known as the Godfather for the ergonomic chairs; the Aeron has a graphite frame finish giving it a sleek look accompanied with standard tilt option, it makes it the best option for those who aim to work for long hours.

Although its lack of headrest and stiff edges of the seat cover, make it not a top choice by some. But the ample amount of comfort, support and sleek look surpasses all giving it a consumer rating of about 98.5%!

Allsteal Acuity

Without the buttons or levers, the chair automatically shifts and adjusts to the posture of the user. It has the uncanny ability to automatically adjust lumbar support and recline thereby adapting to weight and pressure. With an added-on feature of customizing the back with a leather cover, Acuity becomes one of the favorites for offices and conference rooms.


Haworth Zody Chair

Standing as a competitor to the Aeron, Zody with its focus more on function less on appearance is one of the epitomes of ergonomic chairs. Getting an endorsement from physical therapy association, the chair counters all the back and neck problems making sitting a rather lively experience. The German model, although not seemingly flaunt worthy, but the efficient functions it provides make it among the top purchases on the consumer list.

With the emerging trend further work is being done to improve the design and the utility of the chairs. However, office chairs are often taken for granted, but the use of ergonomic chairs is of immense importance for those whose jobs require extended periods of sitting. Therefore, a chair should be selected as carefully as one chooses the right size shoe, for a certain misfit might not take you far places.

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