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Best Clash Royale 2v2 Decks that are impossible to defeat

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Ever since the Supercell added 2v2 gameplay in Clash Royale, the fun is doubled! In addition to the main one-on-one battle we have in the game, 2V2 gameplay allows four players to play together in a team of two. Which means that you’ll be needing new cards strategies and careful selection of your deck in order to win the battle.

2v2 battle in Clash Royale was slowly introduced and tested. First, it was only available for some days as a ‘friendly battle’ among clan members or battle for clan chest, but now we can play 2v2 with our clan mates as well as with anyone from anywhere in the world. However, 2v2 on global server is only available for a month, but since now Supercell knows that players totally enjoy playing 2v2 battles, they’ll keep opening the gameplay every now and then.

So, we better get ready to play new cool strategies and become a master in Clash Royale. 2v2 battle features 4 players playing from their own existing favorite decks. As in some 2v2 battles, players have to choose cards from the given choices right on the battlegrounds but playing in the global server brings the perk of using your own cards and deck and beat the opponent your way.

Clever selection of cards for your deck, using the troops following a planned strategy and time management is what you need in a normal battle of Clash Royale, but playing 2v2 requires more than that; using cards according to the deck of your partner team player. Both of you needs to follow each other’s every move, support and defend wherever it is required and ride together towards the enemies’ towers.

Here are some selection of cards and their undefeated 2v2 strategies for arena 7, 8, 9 and 10, in hopes to create more expert players in Clash Royale.


This above combination of cards works as a strong defense as well as an undefeated attack strategy. Using Pekka is a good choice in 2v2 battle since it doesn’t die easily and its one swing of sword ends the game of a troop. Pekka will give you and your team partner much time to decide your next move of attack. Deploy mini dragon or minion horde alongside Pekka, so that if the air attacks from enemies come for your Pekka, your air army got your back. Do not run out of all the air attack cards, keep some as a back plan in case your opponent team sends more air troops your way.

Wizard, Minion Horde, Mini dragon, Arrows, and Fireball are very worthy cards for any kind of CR battle since they just don’t go for ground but destroy what is in the air too.

Miner and Hog rider can be released when the enemies’ troops are busy fighting in your field. Make calculations and see if the enemies’ elixir isn’t enough for their defense attack, release your miner and hog rider immediately towards the towers; also keep the double attack troop ready, like a fireball or arrows, in case the enemy sends any of the air troops after miner or hog rider.

Sending away your balloon into the enemy’s territory along with mini dragon is a good idea too. Use rage with that and see their towers going down real quick. If this deck won’t work for you, try another.


Sparky and Giant Skeleton are a duo when it comes to crashing enemies together. Deploy giant skeleton and release Sparky after that. While enemy troops are busy dealing with your giant skeleton, sparky can blow them all away. But as fast as this trick works in destroying towers, it is also easier to get rid of the duo if the enemy troops drop bombs from the air on it. But if your team partner is sane enough to understand what you’re up to with this epic duo, his provided defense will make you both achieve all three crowns quickly.

The combo of Elite barbarians and Miner also works amazing. Release the elite barbarians first, when the archer on tower gets busy in killing them, deploy miner targeted right onto the tower and it will do his work immediately.

Rocket is a must-have card in a 2v2 battle of Clash Royale. No matter what deck you are using, Rocket will be a savior in the most tough and tensed time. Wizard and minion horde are also counted as must-haves. And about Bats, they can be helpful in times you didn’t expect. Try this deck and see if it worked for you, if not, here, check another one.


The game of Inferno tower and Furnace; this combo creates a super duper defense for your field in 2v2 battle. Place the inferno tower in the middle of your field but only when the enemy troops are close to entering into your territory. Place the furnace behind your tower and see if the enemy troops are able to even touch your towers.

Meanwhile, release giant skeleton along with mini dragon onto the battlefield and help your teammate playing his cards. Prince and skeleton army is also a good partnership as these tiny bodies will pave way for the prince to reach his destination and destroy it. You can add your choice of cards with the main ones we discussed and play it your way.

Tips for winning a 2v2 battle in Clash Royale: 

  1. A 2v2 battle is a team game and requires cooperation. It is suggested that both the members of the team should play together, keeping each other’s decks in mind and following the moves. If one is trying to defend, other should help him defending, not wasting cards, elixir and time in running after another tower. If one is attacking, strengthen his attack by using the best possible cards.
  2. Patience is a key to the crowns. Save your cards for the best move. Wait for your elixir to fill at least two cards so that the attack is stronger. Releasing only one card and waiting for an elixir to fill the second card can make your first card die without doing any damage to the enemy. So wait and have patience.
  3. In a 2v2 battle, before the troop is deployed, you can show your partner your about-to-be deployed card by keeping your thumb pressed on it. Do it with every card, so that your partner knows what card is ahead and both of you save yourselves some elixir and prevent waste of cards.

So, these are some cool 2v2 decks, strategies, and tips we thought would help you become a master of Clash Royale. Let us know if they worked for you or not, in the comments below. Happy Clashing!

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