2017’s Best Cameras For Vlogging

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Vlogging has become a very famous trend these days. Recording a video clip of anything attention-grabbing, then uploading it on the Internet for making money or enjoying fame, that’s what vlogging is all about! With the increasing number of Vloggers every day, hundreds of people have started making videos through there phones and uploading it on the internet.

But the smartphone camera doesn’t play a very nice role in capturing or recording a perfect video for a vlogger.

Even though, there are smartphones available which have high quality camera, but if you want your video to look professionally shot, you need to have a vlogging camera that is designed for the very same purpose.

What Is Vlogging?

It’s a new trend of making videos and showing your daily routine of your hobby or passion, Vlog can be of anything. Its basically a video blog where the person shares a short film based on anything, it could be from the daily life of a person or anything that people want to watch.

Vlogging has become mainstream in the past few years because its very inexpensive to make a video blog and upload it on the Internet. YouTube has been a major source for the Vloggers where they upload their videos and earn money by the number of subscribers and like they get on their videos.

Every Vlogger is trying to be unique with their contents and try to give their personal opinions or share their experiences.

The good thing about Vlogging is, not everyone do it for the money. Some people do it for entertainment or provide their expertise in some areas and so on. This is exactly what made Vlogging so famous in such short span of time.

So now coming back towards the use of camera for Vlogging. We have decided to create list of cameras that have a good video recording options with different range that you can select from.

Not everyone would buy a $1000 camcorder for his or her Vlogs, especially the ones who are just stepping up. Before starting the list I would like to mention a few instructions about getting a camera according to your need.

Image Quality: the most important part of selecting a camera for your Vlogs is what imagines or video quality do you desire to have? There are 4K cameras available in the market but unless you are a professional Vlogger and have 100k+ subscribers or you have a Vlog, which specially focuses on the content, you show like food, beauty, style etc. you really don’t need that! A decent camera having a full HD 1080p feature would do great for you.

Low Light Performance: As I have mentioned before that majority of the Vloggers make videos from home or work place that is indoors. So you need to have a camera that performs well in low light and indoors. Not every Vloggers have professional light equipment at home.

Image Stabilization: if you are a vlogger that travels or moving in your video logs so need to have a camera with optical image stabilization feature that doesn’t give you blurry videos.

Audio: you need to make sure the camera you are buying has a decent microphone because good audio is one of the most essential parts in Vlogs.

Flip Screen: if you like to watch your self while recording a video then a camera with a flip screen is a good option.

Yi 4K Action Camera:

Starting with this amazing 12mp wide angle-lens, budget friendly camera with the feature of 4K recording that will surprise you with its performance and price. Yi has different shooting modes that enable you to switch from 720p to Full HD and then 4k recording with 30,120 and 240 fps (frames per second).

To add a little more to this gorgeous design camera, it has an optical image stabilization feature as well with a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Yi has a very decent or I would say GREAT battery too. You can record a 120 minutes long 4K video on his little gem of a camera in one charge. The only downside of this camera is it has a non-flip touch display and the camera lacks aperture control that sometimes can be a headache for you. Price of this Yi 4K is $199, which is incredibly cheap and you can buy it online on amazon.

Polaroid Cube HD:

If you a traveler and make your Vlogs in adventure and during travel than this small cube can be your best friend. Given the price of GoPro cameras available in the market this is a very budget friendly action cam that you can get for your adventurous action packed Vlogs, its weather and splash proof and gives you’re a full HD 1080p video recording.

This budget friendly Cube HD is probably the cutest and the smallest camera in the list, the battery life with this cam is superb, you can record a 90 minutes of full HD video in one full charge.

You have an option to select the video recording quality i.e. 720p or 1080p Full HD. The video quality for this tiny little camera is very reasonable, as it is an action cam like GoPro in a very low price you can expect more from the video quality.

Cube HD can be magnetically mounted anywhere like drones, cars, bicycle or any moving thing. However it does not come with any stand or dock but you can separately purchase them. It’s a great camera with really good features and an awesome price tag. You can buy this camera for $99 on amazon.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i:

Coming towards a more professional and serious cameras, Canon EOS Rebel is a best choice if you are a Vlogger and looking for a great low-light camera, its an 18mp camera with APS-C CMOS sensor that enables this camera to produce extremely good results in low-light conditions.

This camera can shoot full HD 1080p videos with several settings along with a continuous shooting mode. It has an ISO 100-12800, which can be expanded to 25000. Canon Rebel comes with a 3” flip touch LCD screen that lets your see your self while shooting the video.

Canon Rebel is one of the best options for professionals who want to get great results in low light. You can also connect an external microphone with better sound quality with this camera. The price tag of Canon Rebel is $600. You can buy it online from amazon.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II:

With 1080p full HD recording, Canon Powershot is another amazing semi-pro level camera that allows your to record a video in 30, 60 and 24fps, the reason why this camera is being loved by the bloggers is its size and performance, its very easy to carry and its light weight, this camera can give you a very great full HD video with its 20mp camera.

Many famous YouTube Vloggers use this camera and they seem quite satisfied with its performance and result. It also has a 14bit raw file support and you can reduce the noise at high ISO settings..

Canon G7 X has a flip screen, which make it more special for the Vloggers. And the batter life of this camera is just awesome! The only draw back of this camera is you it doesn’t have an external microphone support. You can get Canon G7X Mark II at $679 on amazon.

Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder:


This is a “jack of all trade” camera for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro level Vlogger this camera suits everyone and anyone. With a 24mp camera and 20x room, this Panasonic Camcorder gives you a perfect 1080p video recording up to 60fps.

You can even make slow-motion videos with 120 fps on this camcorder. It’s very easy to use with its automatic exposure mode. The microphone provides a very decent audio with an external output support.

This camera records videos in MP4 format, which makes it easy to upload without editing or change the format of the file because many hosting services like YouTube etc. are MP4 file supported. You can buy this camcorder for $599 from amazon.

What do you think about these picks? Let us know by commenting below. Happy Vlogging!

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