The Best Budget Friendly Mobile VR Headsets To Buy In 2018

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Virtual Reality is one of the biggest technology trends these days, within just a few years this technology has achieved so much hype. The VR Headsets first made its consumer debut back in 2016 with the release of high-end premium headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

These standalone VR Headsets do their job brilliantly but are really expensive plus you need a powerful PC and some space to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality.

Now with the release of mobile VR headsets, it is easier to get an immersive experience without breaking your bank. These VR Headsets cost a fraction of the high-end ones and only require a compatible smartphone to help you dive into the world of virtual reality.

There are tons of mobile VR Headsets available in the market with prices starting as low as $10. Here’s our pick of the best ones that you can get your hands on which will allow you to dip your toes into virtual reality on a budget.

• VR Box:

The VR Box is one of the cheapest mobile VR Headsets that you can find on Amazon, it costs only around $10 to $15. This headset does not have its own app but there are several applications on the Google Play Store that you can check out. You just start the application and put your smartphone into the VR Box to experience 360-degrees videos, games and much more.

This headset is made out of plastic and has a head strap at the back. The lenses are adjustable which will allow you to get a better field of view in order to get the best experience.

The build quality of this VR headset is very cheap. There is a plastic tray that slides out from the side, it is where you have to place your smartphone.
You can put in smartphones from 4.7 to around 6 inches then you just slide the tray in and start an application to experience the virtual reality.

The field of view and the image quality is not good, the lenses are also of very cheap quality but what can you expect from a VR Headset at such low price. They are absolutely just for experiencing the virtual reality for the first time. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

Image by Flipkart

• Google Daydream View:

The Google Daydream View is a slightly expensive more premium VR headset. It is very lightweight and comfortable and is compatible with a bunch of Android smartphones. It has its own bunch of apps like YouTube and HBO Now.

The build quality is great, it is made up of soft and comfortable materials. You get a Bluetooth controller along with it that will allow you to easily navigate in the VR. There is a tray that flips out at the front where you place your smartphone.

The main down point of Daydream View is that it only has one strap making it less table on the head if paired with a relatively heavy smartphone.

It is available in three different colors Slate, Crimson, and Snow color and will cost you around $80. Purchase it from Amazon here.

Image by Amazon

• Samsung Gear VR:

The Samsung Gear VR is the most popular mobile VR Headset available in the market which is well-known for its great image quality. The build quality of this headset is also pretty good, it is still completely made out of plastic and has a dust cover with a Samsung logo on it.

This VR headset is pretty easy to clean, you can clean the lenses from inside as it has lots of space. The only down point of Samsung Gear VR is that it is only compatible with latest Samsung devices.

There is a USB port on the front side where you have to plug in your Samsung device and then put it down and snap it into position. There is a light sensor inside which switches off the display when you are not directly looking through the lenses to save power.

There is a capacitive touchpad on the right side which will help you control volume and other media functions. It also comes with a controller which will allow you to easily navigate in the Gear VR.

The lens quality is pretty good and provides approximately 100 degrees field of view. Samsung Gear VR has its own unique application which is very good and offers some great features. You can get your hands on the Samsung Gear VR for around $100 to $130 depending on your Samsung smartphone. Get it from Amazon here.

Image by Samsung

• Zeiss VR One:

The Zeiss VR One Plus is a premium mobile VR Headset that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone. Zeiss is a company well-known for making good quality lenses for other gadgets, so you also get really great quality lenses in the Zeiss VR One.

I like the field of view of this headset the most, it is almost around 100 degrees and the lenses are also double the size so they produce really great image quality. The design is very futuristic and the build quality is also very nice.

This also has a plastic tray that slides out from the side where you place your smartphone but the plastic tray is not universal, you have to order it for your specific smartphone that means it will be only compatible with one specific device.

However, you can order these trays separately for $10, this is also a great thing as it makes sure that the smartphone is always in the correct position.

On the right side of the device, there is a magnetic switch which works as a control. It also comes with a controller and has its own unique app. Overall it is a great headset but is slightly expensive considering it is only compatible with one specific smartphone unless you don’t order more plastic trays. Buy it from Amazon here.

Image by Amazon

So this was our list of the best budget-friendly mobile VR Headsets if you know any other good headset that should be on our list then make sure to tell us about it in the comment section below.

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