Best and Affordable Energy Saving Gadgets

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Over the years, the need for sustainable household applications has increased even more. Although the need keeps on increasing, many people still don’t switch to better alternatives. Why? The general perception is that one needs to invest a lot of money in order to go “green.” Take solar panels, for example, great and environment-friendly, but very expensive.

However, it’s not that hard to go green. There are many smart alternatives to what we currently use that are not only environment-friendly but use less electricity and thus help you save money in the long run. Here are a few of the best gadgets that can help you save electricity and money:

Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet

Many modern applications have started applying what this outlet does such as phone chargers. Many of us like to keep our chargers or devices plugged in which wastes electricity those devices are not in use. Phone chargers, for example now stop charging your phone if the battery is full. However, this energy-saving outlet applies this concept to all electronic devices.

The Belkin Conserve Socket helps significantly reduce electricity cost by switching off the power supply to your electronic devices that aren’t being used. It uses a timer which you can set according to your own needs. Once the timer expires, the power to your device will be completely cut off. This socket can come extremely handy when using electrical appliances such as electric heaters, curling irons, coffee makers etc. It only costs around $10 too, you can purchase it from Amazon here.

LED Lighting

An electrical appliance as simple as a light bulb also consumes a lot of electricity. Light bulbs are, of course, have high demand as well because they are practically a necessity. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of work has been done to improve the state of light bulbs and to decrease their power consumption. That’s where LED lights come in.

LED lights help save a lot of electricity and thus, money. They also last longer than the traditional light bulbs and provide much brighter light as well. Some of the newer LED bulbs have an estimated life-span of 19 to 25 years! Although these bulbs may cost a bit more than your regular bulb, these are definitely worth it and the savings resulting from these bulbs, in the long run, will make up for the high initial costs.

Furthermore, with the amount of work being done to improve light bulbs, LED lights will soon become the norm and will eventually become affordable for everyone. It’s still worth getting now as you get to save a lot of electricity and money in the process. You can purchase your type from Amazon here.

Lutron Maestro Room Occupancy Sensors

This smart sensor is perfect for those who find themselves wasting electricity a lot of times. This room sensor’s technology enables it to detect when a room is occupied by people or not, if it’s the latter case then it turns the room’s lights off.

A lot of energy is wasted if someone isn’t in a room and the lights have been left on for no reason. It also adds to your electricity bill. For only $20, the Lutron Maestro can help you save a lot in electricity costs. If someone enters a room, the sensor automatically turns the lights on and the lights stay on till the room is empty again. The sensors are also available in passive infrared (PIR) mode or dual-technology sensing models. Different modes exist for different purposes, to detect large ranges of motion or to detect small ranges of motion. You can purchase the Lutron Maestro from here.

Fuel-Saving Car Systems

One of the biggest concerns these days is to cut down on fuel consumption. However, that seems impossible with the rising number of cars per day and the rising number of per day fuel consumption. A lot of work has been to cut down on fuel costs which eventually led to Hybrid cars, however, they’re not an affordable option for many people.

This is where external fuel-saving car systems can really come in handy. Many cars come with an inbuilt system that monitors their car’s usage and lets users know about the current mileage given their driving patterns. One example of this is the Prius where the mileage goes up if you accelerate less and drive in more constant speeds. However, again, not all cars have this luxury which is why a great fuel-saving system such as the one by Kiwi can help immensely.

The fuel-saving system by Kiwi plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostic port and fetches your driving data. It then analyzes the data it receives and then gives suggestive steps that would help improve your mileage. This can be of great use if you’re looking to get more mileage out of your car and thus, reduce your costs. Fuel costs are a large portion of many people’s costs, thus you can save a lot of money if you cut down on fuel expenditure. The Kiwi device is compatible with all vehicles made after 1996 and has been proven to boost your mileage by 20% You can get it from here.

Evolve Showerheads

Although power-efficient showerheads have been around for a while, the Evolve showerheads help you save energy without lowering the water pressure. Not only does this showerhead help reduce electricity consumption, it also reduces the amount of water you use, thus truly being a “green” product.

The Evolve Roadrunner II showerhead uses ShowerStart technology which helps in saving over $200 in utility bills per year. The showerhead is also capable of saving over 8000 gallons of water per year by conserving water when the shower is warming. It’s a great, cost-effective solution which helps you reduce your utility bills significantly.

How does it work? The showerhead allows the cold water to run out freely before restricting the flow of water to a slow trickle when the water reaches the optimal warm temperature. Of course, if you want to resume the regular flow of water, you can do so with the help of a switch. For only $35, you can buy this revolutionary gadget from Amazon here.



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