Prime Day 2019

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Phones, Gadgets, Gaming and More

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Prime Day on Amazon has been a pretty big sales event for the past few years thanks to some amazingly lucrative deals on all kinds of products. If you’re in the market for smart home gadgets, smartwatches, phones or any tech-related gadget, it would be hard to find better deals than Prime Day throughout the year. While the Prime Day has technically started as of now, more deals will get unlocked and added to the list over the next couple of days so, stay tuned.

One thing that you need to be aware of, however, is that to avail the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals, you need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime. So, if you want to dive into some Prime Day fun, get subscribed. Let’s take a look at the deals then, shall we?

Best Prime Day 2019 Deals

1. Amazon Echo Dot – $22

If you’re in the market for a smart home speaker, nothing beats the Amazon Echo devices. Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa has been the top smart home assistant consistently throughout the years and despite the stern competition from the likes of Google, there are no signs of Alexa conceding the throne. The Amazon Echo Dot is the smaller variant of the Echo devices and is in its third generation. It combines a sleek and stealthy design which will surely blend into any environment with some amazing sound quality and AI design.

Echo Dot 3

Honestly, you do not even need to get any of the bigger Amazon Echo devices since you can plug an Echo Dot into your own sound system. On Prime Day, the Echo Dot has been dropped down to an astonishingly low price of $22 (Original Price – $50). Furthermore, if you want 3 of these to really get that smart home experience, you could avail the bundle offer for $60 only.

2. Jabra Elite 65t Alexa Enabled – $120

The Apple AirPods are pretty great but there are tons of much better options available in the market if you’re looking for some true wireless earphones, like the Jabra Elite 65t. Usually sold at $169 ($10 higher than the AirPods), the Jabra Elite 65t, as the name suggests, are just elite in every single way. They offer some of the best in class audio quality (much better than the AirPods) and also come paired with Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa. Although they are a bit bigger in size, the difference in sound quality and design is just unparalleled. On Amazon Prime Day 2019, you could get the Jabra Elite 65t for only $120, saving over 50 bucks in the process.

Jabra Elite 65t
Image: TechAdvisor

3. Amazon Echo Show 5 – $60

If you’re not into that whole smart speaker thing and want something with a screen as well, look no further than the Amazon Echo Show 5. Only released recently, the smart display is already on sale for Prime Day. The Echo Show has a 5.5-inch touchscreen along with Amazon Alexa integration to really give that futuristic smart home vibe. It comes with basically all the bells and whistles of a normal Echo device but with the added benefit of the display meaning that you’d be able to get more details and even consume content on it while you’re in the kitchen etc. The Echo Show 5 is the perfect companion for your smart home needs and you could get it on Prime Day 2019 for only $50 now (save $40).

Echo Show 5

4. Samsung Galaxy S10 – $600

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is arguably the best smartphone you could get right now. It is truly a no-compromise statement from Samsung as it doesn’t make any compromises in any department. Literally everything about the S10 is good and it is the most complete phone out there. The edge-to-edge curved display and the glass body melt into each other making the phone look and feel extremely good.

Galaxy S10
Image: PCWorld

With 3 cameras at the back, you can rely on the Galaxy S10 in the most challenging photography scenarios. The battery life is also the best in class with the ability to wirelessly charge other devices as well. It even comes with a headphone jack and an MicroSD expansion slot, which is pretty rare in 2019. The 128 GB variant of the Galaxy S10 is currently being sold at only $600 (save $300) and is honestly the best deal available right now if you’re in the market for a new phone.

5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $169

Working in tandem with other Echo devices, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has some amazing features that just elevate your smart home experience. For starters, you can check who’s at the door via a very neat app remotely. In addition to that, the Video Doorbell Pro also works with Amazon Alexa so you could use your Echo devices to communicate. If you’ve already snagged the Echo Show 5 from earlier, you could also have a pretty sleek setup where you’d be able to use the Doorbell Pro with the Echo Show 5 to communicate with people outside and set standard routines etc. At only $169 (save $80), the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an absolute steal on Prime Day.

Ring Video Doorbell pro

6. Oculus Go VR Headset – $159

Facebook-owned Oculus has been the industry leader for VR over the past few years thanks to the company’s dedication and innovation to bring new ways for people to experience VR. The Oculus Go is just another result of that innovation. The Go is a standalone VR headset and is fully self-contained. This means that it has no cables and is completely hassle free. You also do not even need a phone or PC to experience VR using the Oculus Go. It also comes with 32 GB of storage for media. So, you could watch movies in a theatre, meet friends, watch concerts, sports and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is currently on sale for Prime Day at $159 (save $40) and is arguably one of the best deals of Prime Day so far. It might sell out soon due to its popularity so you better hurry up!

7. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 – $379 & $329

It is pretty rare to see a latest Apple device get a discount. However, with the newer versions just a couple of months away, the prices for Apple Watch Series 4 have been slashed by for both variants. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, nothing gets better than an Apple Watch. With an extremely fluid and robust OS, sleek design and some very smart features, Apple Watch is the industry leading smartwatch. It is fully water resistant and also has a plethora of smart features to track your fitness and socials, getting rid of the need to constantly check your phone for info. You can get the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 for $379 (save $50) while the smaller 40mm variant’s price is now down to $329 (save $75).

Apple Watch 4
Image: SlickDeals

Apple Watch Series 3 – $199

If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper than the latest Apple Watch but don’t want to compromise on speed and features, look no further than the Series 3 Apple Watch. It does everything that the Apple Watch 4 does except for the EKG. The display is great, smart features are useful and the performance is also still blazing fast. On Prime Day, the Apple Watch 3 has gotten an astonishingly good deal and is down to only $199 saving you a whole whopping $110 in the process.

Apple Watch 3
Image: Cult of Mac

8. PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Console with Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn – $250

The next-generation of consoles is fast approaching and thus we’re seeing some amazing deals on current-gen consoles. The Sony PlayStation 4 is hands down the best console of this generation selling over 90 million units so far. With amazing award winning exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 and God of War, the PlayStation 4 is an absolute must have. If you’ve missed out on the console game over the past few years and haven’t played these games, this is your best chance. You can now save over $100 on the PlayStation 4 Slim with 1TB and get it for only $250. In addition to that, you also get two of the best PS4 exclusive games in the form of Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition just to sweeten the deal.

PS4 Slim

9. Anker PowerCore 20100 – £23 (UK only)

If you’re in the UK, you just have to get this deal as it just doesn’t get better.
The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a 20,000 mAh power bank with some amazing fast-charging and safety features. It is arguably the best power bank you could get. The PowerCore 20100 is capable of charging an iPhone XS over 6 times or an S10 over 5 times meaning that you’d never have to worry about your phone battery dying off again. It is also not too hefty and comes with a travel pouch and an 18-month warranty as well. On Prime Day 2019, you could get the Anker PowerCore 20100 for £23 only.

Anker Powercore 21000
Image: iMore


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