Best Air Purifiers for Allergies: Advanced, Quiet and Affordable

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Air pollution is a serious matter of concern, especially for people who have allergies. Planting more trees can keep the air clear outside, while the inside of your house can be assisted by Air Purifiers that help greatly in filtering the air around you for fresh and safe breathing.

Buying an air purifier might seem like a really easy task but there are tons of options available in the market and if you don’t have the right knowledge then you might end up getting a noisy machine. Don’t worry as this is exactly what we are here for, we tested out all the best and quiet air purifiers available. So here’s our top 5 pick.

Levoit LV-H132:

At number 5 we have the Levoit LV-H132 which is one of the most sold air purifiers on the market because of two reasons the first is the incredibly affordable price and the second one you guessed it right is the performance.

Taking a look from the design perspective the LV-H132 has a tin can shape that makes it pretty compact so you can place it anywhere in your house. At the top, you can instantly notice the circular ring which I find very useful when it comes to the night performance this is due to its blue night light that shines upwards.

It has two adjustable brightness settings so you can set the one that doesn’t distract your sleeping. On the top of the device, there are three-speed controls so you can adjust it your likings.

Before we move to the next section I want to mention that this model also has a three-stage filtration system such as one true HEPA, one Fine Preliminary filter and one Activated Carbon filter.

Levoit LV-H132
Image by Levoit

Moving on to the performance the preliminary filter is really effective in neutralizing the bacteria that is found in the air as well as for pet dander, fungi or mold. While the true HEPA filter captures pollen dust mites and other unhealthy particles.

Finally, the carbon filter works perfectly by neutralizing pet odors cooking smells as well as cigarette smoke so you can always breathe clean air. Also, the device functions quietly so you won’t get annoyed by any noise that could cause you discomfort.

Pure Enrichment 3-in-1 Air Purifier:

Next up at number four we have the Pure Enrichment 3-in-1 air purifier, it is another affordable option featuring true HEPA air purifier that effectively captures plenty of particles that are known for causing health issues.

Taking a look at the design this device features a sleek and modern chassis that is accompanied by elegant curves around the vent and with a touch LED interface which is placed on the top.

As you know it is a three in one device this means that it includes a pre-filter a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter which are responsible for eliminating up to 99.97 percent of the particles even the small ones which are 0.3 microns. Another great thing about this air purifier is an automatic timer which can be adjusted to shut off after continuous operation

Pure Enrichment 3-in-1 Air Purifier
Image by Tech Gear Lab

Now let’s talk about the performance this model has a three-speed fan of which allows you to choose between low medium and high settings.

Moreover what makes this device so special is the fact that it uses the ultraviolet C light for distracting auto viruses and germs that are living in the air so the result is clean air sanitation which you and your children can benefit the most from.

Finally, I want to mention that thanks to the filter reset indicator you will always be notified of the time when you have to change the filter so you will be in touch about the device’s condition.

Levoit LV-PUR131:

The third on our list is the Levoit LV-PUR131 which differs from other products in the Levoit series with its price and coverage. Starting things off with the design this air purifier comes in a white and black combo or to be more precise the white is the more dominant and only place where you can notice the black present is on the top where the touch control panel is positioned.

The three main filters that comprise the functional parts of this device are the true HEPA air filter, the prefilter and activated carbon filter this combination responsible for removing up to 99% of the odors bacteria and allergens.

Now let’s move on to the features, it comes with an intuitive touch panel which lets you select from the three fan speeds as well as use the 12-hour timer which makes the whole device energy-efficient. In addition, you can use the sleep mode which is definitely a great feature since it will purify your air during your sleep without making any noise.

Levoit LV-PUR131
Image by Tech Gear Lab

According to the company you should replace the filters once in every 6 months in order to have the biggest benefits given by the device and to make it function properly for a longer period of time, the six month period of time for filter replacement means that you won’t spend much money for maintenance.

Also, this air purifier can cover rooms with the size of up to 328 square feet or 30 square meters in less than 30 minutes.

GermGuardian AC4825:

Moving on at number two we have the GermGuardian AC4825 which is also a three-in-one air purifier. It removes everything starting from smoke caused by the cigarette, cooking and up to dust, germs and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns. From a design perspective this module sports a tube shape that is composed of you Ultra Violet C light.

It comes with a charcoal filter, HEPA filter, and a carbon filter. In addition, you will be informed when it’s time to replace the filter and the ultraviolet C bulb thanks to the indicator light placed on the top Center. There are three fan speeds of which you can choose from such as low medium and high, you can access them by adjusting the circular dial.

Image by SnagBest

Moving on to the performance the HEPA filter is the one responsible for cleaning up to midnight, the dust pollen and pet particles that can quell some undesired issues so now you don’t have to deal with any such things since the devices already use this filter.

The UVC filter expands your health safety by effectively killing viruses and airborne bacteria that make the air you breathe harmful. Finally thanks to the carbon filter the smoke caused by cooking or cigarettes will be removed.

The only down point of this device is that this model isn’t really quiet if you compare it with other purifiers in the market but this shouldn’t be a huge problem anyways if you set it on the low setting while sleeping.

Honeywell 50250-S:

Finishing off our list, at number one we have the Honeywell 50250-S which is a compact but powerful air purifier that performs the best for large rooms with up to 390 square feet of space.

Design wise the Honeywell features a wide barrel shape design which makes it ideal for placing it in your bedroom, office and living room without occupying a huge amount of space. the internal part of the 50250-S is composed of a glass filter HEPA filter and a carbon activated pre-filter.

The external part includes an electronic filter indicator and a dial for adjusting the speed. Taking a look at the features of this air purifier thanks to its barrel shape this model has a 360-degree air intake which means that it is extremely effective in removing large and small harmful particles from every direction it would take around 12 minutes to completely filter the air in a 390 square feets room so you can always breathe healthy air.

Image by

It also features three-speed settings such as low medium and high but I want to mention that considering its powerful performance the lower setting would be an ideal setting for you.

Why does this model perform so well? It is because this device is AHAM certified which means that the device has been verified by the association of home appliance manufacturers.

This air purifier requires you to replace the pre-filter once every three months if you want to maintain its proper functioning. You will be notified about it thanks to the electronic filter indicator so you shouldn’t worry about it.

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