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Best Air Mattresses of 2017

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Also called the Air Bed or sleeping bed or blow-up bed, it is an inflatable mattress made up of PVC plastic or rubber filled with air instead of foam, latex or springs. The air is filled through an external or internal air-pumping machine, making it easily foldable when inflated. The basic purpose of air mattresses is to have a portable bed that can be taken anywhere with ease. They are available in different sizes and shapes and for different purposes.

Back in the day people used to dream of having a good sleep on their air mattresses because they were not as comfortable as the other foam or spring beds were, but with the passing time advancements have made air mattresses more comfortable and now even there are so many people who prefer sleeping on an air mattress because they find it more natural and comfortable than any other mattresses available in the market.

Air mattresses can be used for proper daily use in the bedroom or for guests or for taking it on camping with you. It can be useful for almost every purpose and they come in different shape, thickness and sizes i.e. from the smallest twin size airbed to the king size mattress. Air mattresses are very portable and they can be easily carried and you can easily blow up or deflate it.

Looking For A Perfect Air Mattress?

If you are looking to buy your first mattress and cant decide what to buy? We totally understand because of the so many brands and models available in the market anyone can get confused about which one to buy. Even if you already have an air mattress and you want to replace it there are so many new brands and model to choose from.

In order to make it easier for you to choose the best air mattress for yourself, we have narrowed down a list of best air mattresses that you can get according to your needs.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress:

This is the most selling and the best air mattress on this list. With the size of 58”x78”x19, SoundAsleep is a great indoor air mattress. Even though it’s not the cheapest mattress but it provides a great performance and durability. It has a really great customer service after sales and 1-year warranty and SoundAsleep never disappoint their customers and go above and beyond the keep their customers happy. It takes around 4 minutes to inflate the mattress that is not the fastest time, but given the comfort and durability, you cant complain about that.

The SoundAsleep’s pump is also good and deflates the mattress quickly.

The customer reviews of SoundAsleep are great. People find it the best and most comfortable mattress that is available on the market. The price of queen size SoundAsleep air mattress is $120 and it comes with a nylon carry bag.

Insta-Bed Never flat:

This is another very comfortable and durable air mattress for a cheaper price. Insta-Bed comes in both queen and twin sizes it is also has a good height that makes it easier for you to get in or out of it easily. Insta-Bed is equipped with a built-in pump machine that is very powerful and doesn’t make much noise, making it inflate and deflate the mattress really quickly.

Insta-Bed offers the adjustable firmness of the mattress in the form of plush, medium or firm. It is so comfortable that if you cover the mattress with sheets and let people sit or lay on it they won’t be able to tell the difference that it’s a spring mattress or an air one. If you are looking for a cheap mattress that has a superb comfort, Insta-bed is the best choice. It is priced at $95.

Serta NeverFlat:

This is the newest model on the list. Serta NeverFlat air mattress is 18” thick from the world’s number one mattress company. This is extremely famous because of its comfort, NeverFlat, and numerous features. Although it’s not a cheap air mattress the features and comfort it provides make it totally worth it.

Serta air mattress comes in two sizes i.e. (74”x39” twin) and (80”x60” queen size). This mattress uses two different air pumps, one is to inflate and the other pump is to deflate the air. And as the name suggests you will be surprised to see how it maintains air in the mattress using NeverFlat Technology, giving you the best and most relaxing sleep. This is the best option if you are looking for an air mattress for your bedroom or daily use. It gives you the sheer pleasure of sleeping and relaxing and you won’t even feel you are lying on an air mattress.

The price of Serta NeverFlat is $116 and $215 depending on what size you do want.


ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable:

Are you looking for a cheap but solid and comfortable air mattress for your camping? ALPS Mountaineering air mattress is the best you can have. This is a multi-purpose air mattress available in both twin and queen sizes. The solid and compact body enables you to take it anywhere indoors or outdoors with you. It has a really great deflate and inflates speed and it weighs less than 9 pounds, which means it can be easily placed in a tent or a SUV. Not only that, its also very comfortable and elegant in looks and feel, you can also place it at home.

The ALPS air mattress comes with an external rechargeable pump that also has a car charger, which means you can inflate or deflate this mattress without having a electricity, just make sure the battery of the pump is charged well or connect it with your car and you are good to go!

The price for this solid yet comfortable air mattress is $64 and $130, which is very reasonable compared to the other air mattresses available in the market.

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura Beam:

With an epic 22” thickness, this airbed has created hype in the air mattress market. This thickness makes Intex Comfort very unique and it stands out in a crowd with other airbeds because it’s higher than any other air mattress available in the market.

It basically doubles the traditional beds and adds more mobility and comfort to it.

Intex airbed has a built-in powerful pump which can inflates the mattress in 4.5 minutes. You can also adjust the firmness level with a touch button.

The Intex Comfort Plush airbed comes only in one size (60x80x22 Queen). This air mattress is probably the cheapest queen size air mattress in the list. You can have it for $60! Yes, that’s way too cheap for a 22” thick queen size firmness adjustable air mattress.

AeroBed Classic:

If you want a classic, clean, soft and comfortable air mattress that could be used for both indoor and outdoor and has a cheap price, then AeroBed is the best choice. Just like ALPS model, AeroBed is a low profile compact but solid air mattress that serves the purpose of outdoor camping or in-home airbed for guests.

It has an external pump that inflates and deflates the mattress in 5 minutes. It is a well-built, comfortable air mattress at a very reasonable price that fulfills the need of having an air mattress that you’d need less often. You seriously can’t ask more for such good price. AeroBed Classic air mattress comes in twin and queen size and is priced at $70 and $88 respectively.

Intex Inflatable Couch Bed:

This is the last air mattress on our list and what really makes it special is its ability to become a queen size bed with a comfortable couch once its inflated and pulled out. This airbed cum couch is best for temporary or guest use, its comfortable and can accommodate 2 people on its queen-sized bed.

This air couch bed comes for an incredible price of $45 which makes it the cheapest air bed in this list, however, it does not comes with a pump so you would have to buy an external pump separately but still you cant complain about the price you are paying for this 2 in 1 master-piece air bed.

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