Best 10 Augmented Reality Applications

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The addition of Augmented Reality has changed the whole outlook of the tech world. Augmented Reality has given a new life to the dull static world of technology by making it more interactive.

There is a variety of augmented reality applications in the market, users who want to experience this incredible technology can use the AR applications on their smart-phones or other devices (Android and iOS based).

Some of the smart-phones brands are working to add AR in their up-coming devices. Asus ZenFone AR, an augmented reality based phone is on its way whereas Apple in future will focus to bring this AR technology in the next iPhone. Enlisted below are some of the striking Augmented Reality applications for iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Go:

Last year Pokemon Go took the gaming world by storm, this augmented reality application has been updated which makes it more incredible. The application sends its player on foot to explore the neighborhood. Players have to discover, photograph and collect the Pokemons.

The Pokemons are collected from the Nintendo’s hit franchise plus the player’s device works as a viewfinder and map which will guide the player and inform about the Pokemon stops to collect and to capture them.

After reaching the level 5, the player can join the team to battle against each other to conquer over the Pokemon Gyms.


Ingress is a colossal multiplayer augmented reality game which allows the players to join opponent societies to battle for the power over the Exotic Matter. This astounding augmented reality application is especially for adventure lovers.

By using the mobile devices, the players can travel in the real world locations just by sitting at one place and plus they can gain control over the gateways of buildings and famous landmarks.


The world has become a canvas as WallaMe is an amazing augmented reality application which allows the users to explore their creative side. Without even spilling a drop of paint WallaMe let the users to draw and paint on sidewalks, buildings and walls.

Users can share their artwork and messages with their friends or can showcase their creativity in the public. By smart-phone camera users can view the artwork plus the map interface allows the users to discover the artwork of other WallaMe users.


ROAR is an augmented reality browser which facilitates the users to see a huge range of augmented reality information related to the posters and products like nutritional information or information related to products.

This augmented reality application makes the dull static advertisements more interactive and impressive. This is a boon for the marketing professionals as it enables them to create their own augmented reality content.


Layar is one of most startling augmented reality applications which facilitate the users to view the entrenched digital content within an amazing range of sources like advertisements, posters, product QR codes and magazines.

An incredible feature GeoLayers allows the user to discover the nearby events, restaurant, establishments and much more. Scan the items with Layer and enjoy the augmented reality experience.

Google Translate:

Google Translate is one of the most used applications and this is just because of its handy audio and text translation tool. The augmented reality visual translation feature has made it even better than before.

All a user has to do is hold its smart-phone and focus on the text through the camera and Google Translate will provide the translation of the focused text plus the offline feature makes it more prevailing. Users can download language packs so they can use the application when there is no cellular network.


For exercising your creative side, Mybrana is the best augmented reality application to use as it facilitates the users to overlay a variety of stickers, graphics and animations over their videos and photos.

Users can share their creativity with their friends and family, Mybrana is quite easy and fascinating application. It also allows its users to select the stickers, animations and graphics from a variety of free and premium category to make their photos and videos more spectacular.


One of the most favorite social applications used mostly by the young generation is Snapchat. In a few passage of time it took over the market with its augmented reality elements. The special effects and transformational filters are called Lenses which users can add in their messages (video and photos).

The right lens of Snapchat can transform the users into animals or can change their voice or can swap their face with another person. These silly and funny filters addition in Snapchat make it more compelling and interesting.

Field Trip:

Some people are bad in directions or some are not able to remember the places they have visited before but Field Trip is an augmented reality application which works like a tour guide.

It enables users to select locations from a huge variety and can categorize them according to their interest like museums, restaurants or landmarks. When the user is close to the location the application not only notifies but a card pop-ups which gives a complete detail about the location plus it also reads the card aloud while the user is driving.

Quiver-3D Coloring App:

Children love to color and to make this experience more startling Quiver 3D augmented reality color book which will bring the colored pages to life. Users can download images from the website ( plus there is huge variety of animals, cartoon and educational image which can be printed.

After that just by aiming towards the colored image, it will come to life with special effects and animation. On the whole, this application is perfect for artistic and highly-creative children.

To give life to static and dull images, Augmented Reality technology is utilized and it can be predicted in a few years this staggering technology will take over the world with its magnificence.

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