Beoplay’s M3 compact multi-room wireless speakers are quite cheap


Bang & Olufsen; speakers popularly known for creating amazing sounds, at the same time notorious for being quite expensive. Hence for a normal person to own them is not that easy. However, the new Beoplay M3 speakers are just the perfect solution or alternative for those who enjoy the sound of the speakers but sadly can’t manage to afford them.

Frown not for the $299/£279 Beoplay M3 is here. For half the price of the Beoplay M5, which will make it a lot easier to get a handful of these and place them around your home.

Beoplay M3 delivers a finely tuned audio experience. Designed to fill any small to medium room with rich and authentic Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, M3 delivers sound quality that’s further enhanced by the finely engineered position of the woofer and a sculptured disperser. This way an even and perfectly distributed ambient sound is guaranteed.

Use Beoplay M3 as a standalone speaker or as part of a multi-room set up. Change the spaces in your home with a finely tuned sound experience by connecting one or more multi-room enabled speakers together. Beoplay A9, A6, M5 and M3 all support Chromecast built-in and Beolink Multi-room technologies or you can connect via Bluetooth or Apple Airplay.

Exchangeable front covers let you match Beoplay M3 to your style. There are multiple options to match the simple silhouette of M3 to fit your interior style, with exchangeable covers in wool fabric or pearl blasted and anodized aluminum. The fabric covers are made by renowned Danish textile company Kvadrat.

Find your favorite sound profile. Yes, make your own sound profile; for easy personalization use Beoplay App to customize all your favorite features and get the music underway. Customize the sound profile to match your own personal taste using ToneTouch control, Beoplay App’s easy to use equalizer.

Aluminum, wool and polymer; hand crafted materials have been used for M3 to maximize the quality of its sound and design. Blended lamb’s wool or pearl blasted, anodized aluminum have been used in the manufacture of its front covers. A soft polymer base adds stability to the speaker and improves bass performance.

The $300 price point is reasonable, but the M3 has a lot of competition in the wireless audio space. Market leader Sonos has a voice-activated speaker starting at $200 now, and it works directly with far more streaming services.

Meanwhile, Apple is getting ready to launch the $350 HomePod and Google has the $400 Home Max coming soon as well, both of those speakers may cost a little more, but they’re larger and have more drivers across the board. Still, if you’ve wanted to try B&O without totally breaking the bank the M3 should be a decent entry point into their wireless ecosystem.

The B&O Play Beoplay 3 is available now for £279, an extra fabric front cover cost £54 while an aluminum grille costs £64.