BeON’s LED bulb designed for home safety

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BeON’s practical approach towards the home security is outstanding as it has brought a home starter pack that has utterly revamped the whole concept of smart lighting.

The BeON’s home starter pack is a new addition to the smart lightening world as it makes the places more safe and secured than before by packing all the pre-eminent safety features inside the LED bulbs.

Usually, burglars break into the houses where the lights are switched off but BeON’s bulbs are designed in a different way which provides solution to this problem. The bulbs have the ability to learn the typical lightning schedule of the house, so whenever the user is not at home, the bulbs will automatically light up to show the house is not vacant.

The bulbs also react to the doorbells and smoke alarms and during any power failure event, the bulbs will continue to provide the light and this feature makes the home starter pack more befitting.

However, the users are unable to control the lights remotely plus they cannot create a customized schedule. But on a brighter side, the starter pack offers an extra safety and security to the houses but the bulbs can be easily installed and configure.

Along with 3 LED bulbs, BeON’s starter pack consist of three plugs in modules that are Bluetooth enabled and comes with an application for Android and iOS smartphones users through which the users can control the bulbs.

The standard A21 bulb weighs 6.4 ounces which gives off a soft white light (300K), the bulbs are 10-watt dimmable with an 800-lumen output. The bulbs can last for 25,000 hours or 22 years but this may vary if the usage is less or more than 3 hours per day.

The trapezoid shaped yellow modules measure 1.3 inches in height and 2.7 inches long. For the internal microphone in a circular pattern, each module’s end has multiple holes. The 12 contact terminals on the top of modules connect to their mates in the base of the receptacle.

Each module consists a Bluetooth circuitry, enabling the user’s smartphone to connect with the bulbs to control them or to connect the bulbs with each other through a mesh network.

Unfortunately, the home starter pack of BeON doesn’t support Z-Wave or Wi-Fi and users can only control the bulbs the range of Bluetooth (30 foot). With home automation devices such as Wink hubs and Samsung Smart Things, the bulbs cannot interact which is another missing feature in this home starter pack.

The rechargeable battery of the modules will provide light for up to 4 hours during any power failure. Users don’t need to create a schedule for the system as the modules within a 7 day period, it will automatically learn the whole schedule.

The application makes it handier as the users can easily direct the whole system; users can check the battery level, adjust the brightness of the bulbs, check the schedule and can also turn off or on the bulbs.

Still, there are some features which lack in the BeON’s starter pack and the company folks are planning to add the Z-wave functionality along with some other features in future.

Each bulb cost $75, the 3 pack starter kit cost $199 and the 7 pack cost $389. Though they are bit expensive the BeON’s home starter pack provides an extra security to your homes in an implausible way.

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