Be a friend with this Robot that plays Chess and serves you coffee

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Ever imagined a robot playing chess with you, giving you a tough time in the game and then beats you in the end? Also, serves you coffee to lift the mood up?

YES! It’s possible now, the technology has made so much major progress that we can now expect almost everything from them.

A robot is a programmable machine that is operated by a computer that is capable of carrying your command through a series and performs tasks. Robots are guided by an external computer through which they are given a command for the task they are built to perform.

The basic purpose of creating a robot is to make them perform tasks that humans can’t do or they are just a replacement of human beings especially for the task where there is a danger of getting hurt for the human.

Robots can be like human designs, they can be of any design, any size, and any shape. From the size of a smartphone to a gigantic car assembly robot. And just like their sizes, robots can as simple or complex and intelligent.

These robots are working almost in every field, be it science or technology or farming or manufacturing industry or hi-fi tech centers and other top-notch science places where people are continuously researching and innovating.


The scientists are working on making the robots do things easily and without any help. They are also trying to make the robot more realistic and make them do work more precisely through computer intelligence and voice commands.

The scientists at Industrial Technology Research Institution (ITRI) at the CES showed this super intelligent robot that can beat you at chess and can serve your coffee.
This robot gently uses the chess pieces and reacts to the moves of human opponent by using a computer vision system as well as deep-learning feature that helps it understand the human’s moves, it is designed to understand human’s movement and think like them, robot is connected with the player via tablet where the robot communicates with the player i.e. asking for time to think before making a move.

The robot doesn’t have the perfect moves and sometimes it drop the chess pieces while making a move. But it still gets the job done. And the robot defeated the human twice in the (ITRI) booth at CES.

This is not it! This robot can offer its opponent a cup of coffee as a demonstration of its system. Though the whole process of filling the cup of coffee and placing it on the table in front of the opponent is slow it’s still worth it! And the best part is, the robot did not spill the coffee in the whole process.

ITRI says the basic purpose of making this robot is to use them in hospitals and other health facility centers.


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