Battletoads Official Release Date Announced – Comes out August 20th

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Battletoads has been in the shadows ever since its initial reveal during E3 2018. The demo build of the game had a mixed reception on the show floor with most people feeling like it wasn’t really up to the mark. Now, after a hiatus of 2 years, Rare has finally announced the official release date of the wacky adventure game.

Slated for release on August 20th, the Battletoads series will be finally making its return to our gaming screens. The game will be out on a multitude of platforms including Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.

The announcement of the release date came after many obvious teases from the official Rare Twitter account. And, not only that, but we also have a new trailer to kick off the release cycle for the game.

In addition to that, if you really cannot wait to get your hands on the new Battletoads game, you can already download it and pre-install it to your console or PC via Xbox Game Pass. You can even set it to download on remotely using the Xbox Game Pass official app on Android and iOS.

In case you’re not familiar with Battletoads, let us jog your memory. Battletoads is a crazy genre-busting game that follows the adventure of three brawling toads, Zitz, Rash and Pimple. Whether it is co-op or solo, you fight your way through different levels and bosses to defeat the Dark Queen.

However, the twist is that the gameplay of Battletoads is unlike any other game you’ve seen before. The way that this game bounces between genres is incredibly unique. For instance, at one stage, you could be playing a Streets of Rage styled beat-em-up and the next moment, you could be racing through a 3-dimensional hybrid track.

The game is also pretty flexible in terms of difficulty in co-op play so that your friends can jump in and out at any time they want. They can even change the difficulty level at will individually so everyone’s having a good time.

Having said that, the greatest weapon that Battletoads possesses perhaps is its sense of humor that is inspired by the witty and self-aware cartoons of the late ’90s.

After the mixed reactions after the E3 demo though, it would be interesting to see how the game has evolved over the past 2 years. It would also be fascinating to see whether Rare and Dlala have managed to address the concerns and issues that the community had with the game during that E3 showing.

In any case, after a long-drawn-out spell of silence, we’ll finally be able to get our hands-on Battletoads soon.

Battletoads will release on August 20th for Xbox One, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam. You can check out further details on the official blogpost.

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