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Battlefield V Roadmap Revealed for 2019

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Battlefield V was released over 5 months ago. The game had a shaky start to its life because of political controversies and backlash from the fans. The launch of the game was not really what DICE had hoped with the game gathering mediocre reviews. Most of it was due to the rushed nature of the launch. The game felt incomplete and was riddled with bugs and glitches. Players were leaving and servers felt like ghost towns. Most people wrote Battlefield V off back then saying that it could never recover.

Despite the bad reviews, DICE Entertainment didn’t give up on the game and listened to a lot of fan feedback. Their weekly developer Q & A posts on Reddit helped them connect with the community and gather a lot of positive feedback. Meanwhile, the game continued to get regular weekly patches and fixes along with newer content. Tides of War, the live service that serves as the story book for World War 2, brings new chapters to the game. During the 3 months that it has been up and running, Tides of War has added new maps, war stories and game modes.

The Story So Far:

Tides of War started with Chapter 1: Overture in early December. This added things like company gear, a new map and many new weapons and vehicles. The first chapter also added a new War Story called The Last Tiger, to the single-player experience. Other than that, it added the usual variety of challenges and rewards we all love Battlefield for.

In January came the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. It added the ability to play co-op missions with friends against AI bots. It also brought back the much-loved classic Battlefield game mode, Rush. This update was very well received by the community and set the game up on its path to recovery.


Chapter 3 is probably the most significant and attention grabbing update of Battlefield V yet. The update will roll out between March and June and is called Trial by Fire. This has turned so many heads because it is bringing what probably is the most anticipated game mode for Battlefield V, Battle Royale. Firestorm, the battle royale mode is thumping furiously at the door and we can’t wait to play it. Stay tuned for our review when it finally arrives. Other than that, Chapter 3 also brings new co-op missions, a new map called Mercury and another game mode called Outpost. Trial by Fire will roll out slowly over the next 3 months.

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Chapter 4: Defying the Odds

The next major Tides of War update revealed today comes out in June, 2019. Defying the Odds is going to be focused around team based combat in tight spaces. The new game mode is going to be a 5-vs-5 arena match. This seems like something out of Call of Duty or Counter Strike and might attract some Call of Duty fans who don’t like traditional huge Battlefield maps. The smaller maps are also going to have an ‘urban design’ giving the game a fresher look. Other details for the game mode will be revealed later.

Other than the game mode, Chapter 4 will also bring a new map called Marita. It is set in Greece and covers the clash of forces that took place there in late 1940. It is apparently going to be one of the most diverse maps with conflicts happening in the mountains and in the valley below.

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Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant

Awakening the Giant will roll out in fall 2019 according to DICE. This chapter will be focused on giving players a new theater of war with land, air and sea invasion. It will also apparently encompass ‘mankind’s greatest conflict’. Other details are still under wraps but judging from the name and description, this looks like DICE has finally listened to the community. Awakening the Giant seems like it is going to be the Battlefield V version of the Japan vs America conflict. If it does turn out to be this conflict, we can expect some classic battles like the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbour. It will also look spectacular as Battlefield is the king of ambience and environment.

Looks like DICE is finally listening to what the fans want. The game has come a long way since its launch and feels like one of the best Battlefield games yet. Firestorm has already turned a lot of heads and will definitely repopulate the game servers. With so much more content promised for the coming months, the future looks bright for Battlefield V.

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