Battlefield V: Everything you need to know

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Despite E3 being around the corner, EA has revealed the latest Battlefield game which looks to go to World War II this time. The game, headed by DICE seems to pick up from where they left off as they move from World War I to WW2 this time around.

After the huge success of Battlefield 1, which was set in World War I, there were a lot of rumors spreading that the company will use a similar formula this time around as well. That was indeed the case as DICE looks to return to the World War, this time looking to go into the series’ origins to show a new perspective and shed more light on some details that would lead to conflict. Given that E3 is around the corner, some would argue that EA should’ve waited, but Battlefield’s announcements are always close by to Call of Duty’s announcements, therefore, it’s no surprise that EA didn’t wait that long. Besides, EA still has FIFA for E3.

As far as Battlefield V is concerned, it is set to return to World War II and the official reveal gave out a lot of information regarding the game such as new modes, new weapons, new things to do and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield V:

Introduction to Battlefield V

According to DICE, the game is set to return to World War II to go deeper into the origins of the original Battlefield 1942. Just like every other Battlefield game, you’ll be able to fight everywhere, whether it’s on land, sea or air. That’s the best part about Battlefield, although Call of Duty is bringing vehicles into the mix with Black Ops 4, Battlefield has already been doing it for a long time.

The game looks to give players different perspectives of each side for the same situation. For starters, players will start off with British and European forces, other forces will come in later updates as well. You’ll get to play from each of these sides, thus giving the players the point of view from each side, letting the player decide who’s right or wrong in the situation. There is a great focus on in-game storytelling and there will be a North African campaign included too. War Matches will return too and players will also be able to make their own squads of soldiers which they can take with them in co-op and multiplayer.

New features

Battlefield games tend to focus more on class-based fighting but in addition to that, this time they’re also focusing a lot on customization. This can be seen from the trailer where you see a squad fighting, each person in the squad had a different look. One had a prosthetic limb, the other had face paint. As mentioned earlier, players will be able to create their own unique squads for multiplayer and co-op and you can customize them to look like whatever you want. You’ll be able to create a soldier and then have a variety of cosmetic options to choose from. You can also upgrade your classes and specialize in one thing, for example specializing the Assault class for more anti-tank skills.

One of the best things about Battlefield games is the balance between fun and realism. The games are incredibly fun to play and they also feel very realistic. The developers this time around have put a lot of emphasis on the realistic aspect of the game and have thus improved the detailing and physics in the game considerably. For example, the player and weapon animations have been changed to look more realistic and soldiers now have room for a lot more movement than they used to.

Soldiers can now go prone on their backs,  slide, shoot while sliding and much more. Weapons also have more weight to them, driving home the point of the force each shot creates for a gun. Given that it’s World War II, recoil and weight of the gun might play a huge role.

There are other game-balancing improvements that have been made after reflecting upon the problems with Battlefield 1, for example, medics. Several other gameplay tweaks have been made to make the game more realistic, harder and fun for everyone. They’ve also made it possible for players to recover resources from fallen enemies such as ammo and explosives. Overall, they’ve made a lot of changes which they’ll likely go into more detail on as time goes by.

New and Returning game modes

War Mode

This is a returning mode from Battlefield 1. It’s a series of story missions that’ll showcase many epic moments of heroism and struggle during some of the toughest battles in the World War, in this case, the second one. Since the developers want to give players perspective from each side, Battlefield V’s War Mode stories will focus on that and it’ll also focus on stories and perspectives that aren’t that well-known.

War Mode is expected to be bigger than last time as there were only six missions in Battlefield 1. In Battlefield V, there will not only have more but will also gradually add more missions with content updates, something the fans will definitely like. Battlefield games are great at telling stories, so expect nothing short of great when Battlefield V comes around.

Combined Arms

This is a totally new game mode that’s a four-player co-op. The mode is all about working together with others, hence the name “Combined Arms”. Players can take their customized soldiers with them in this mode and take part in a series of missions with other players, which will get divided into a set of tasks that each player needs to complete.

Players are put in difficult odds with increasing difficulty and one of the coolest things about this mode is that if it’s too easy for you, the game will make it harder for you. There’s an inbuilt mechanism that will spawn new enemies and obstacles depending on how well your team performs. It’s a pretty neat way of giving players a challenge each time they load up this game mode. All the progress and experience gained from Combined Arms to your soldier will transfer over to multiplayer as well, so if you think you’re too under-leveled for multiplayer, you should try Combined Arms first or vice versa.


DICE has implemented a new feature called Fortifications that’ll affect the pace of the conquest mode. With the Fortification skill, you and your squad can reinforce areas of the map and add defenses against bombardment and attacks. You can fortify buildings, add gunner nests etc. Of course, building Fortifications takes resources, so players will have to carefully choose what to do in a given situation, giving a more tactical feel to the game.

Grand Operations

DICE are taking narrative-driven multiplayer matches to the next level with Grand Operations as they intend to incorporate new game types. The game mode will offer more variety in terms of location and objectives as compared to Battlefield 1 and it’ll also work in a momentum-based system.

So, the game mode will take place across several in-game days, we don’t know yet if each round will be considered as a day yet, perhaps each day will have several rounds. However, the winning team of a round gets more momentum going into the next round whereas the losing team faces more difficult obstacles and tasks as well as reduced ammo in the next round. It’s an interesting game mode which will require a lot of skill and teamwork.

Tides of War

This mode will feature timed events, kind of like seasonal events perhaps that’ll let you experience war from different sides. It’ll focus on different battles with different conditions which will lead to special rewards and much more.

The whole purpose of Tides of War is to give players new content to play each time, so most of the new content that will gradually be added to the game may be accessible through Tides of War. The game mode will also introduce new maps and new weapons. The best part about the game mode is that it’ll follow the exact timeline of World War II, as each location and conflict will be added into the game on the same dates they occurred during the actual war.

No Season Pass!

EA has a bad reputation for “milking” its customers. It gets this from games like FIFA and Star Wars: Battlefront II. However, they’ve listened to the criticism and have announced that there will be no season pass or any sort of premium content this time around.

They’ve announced that while yes, players will be able to purchase maps, weapons, in-game content etc., they don’t really need to because all of the content will be made available in the game eventually. The developers also emphasized that the game will not be “pay to win” which is often the case for many multiplayer games. Although a Deluxe Edition will still be available, all the content one would receive with the Deluxe would eventually be made available to all after a few months.

Release Date

Battlefield V will make its way to Ps4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin) on October 19 this year. Those who pre-order the game or are subscribed to EA Acces/ Origin Access can play it early on October 11th. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you can play the game as early as October 16th. EA has also announced an open beta for the game, but no official date has been announced for now. It’s likely that the beta will come out a month or two before release.

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