AYO: Light-Based Smart Glasses That Boosts Your Energy

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The fitness industry is full of so-called sleep monitoring and energy tracking devices which ensure to improve the overall life quality. But only a few of them are actually worth your money.

Recently a new pair of smart glasses known as ‘AYO’ by Novalogy has been introduced at the Wearable World Congress. The company claims it as a top innovation for solving health problems caused by “imbalanced biological levels and rhythms due to sedentary artificially lit lifestyles”. Just like any other smart glass wearable this device also works by emitting specialized lighting which is meant to replicate what you get from the sun.

But the key feature about AYO which differs it from other products is its unique Blue Light with a wavelength of 475 nm. Research shows that this amount of wavelength realigns your body with its natural rhythm, thus energizing your body and making you productive overall.

AYO works very efficiently and wearing t around for just 20 minutes will allow you to sleep better or get ready for work. It works in easy and non-intrusive way by gently entering your eyes just like natural sunlight and triggers retinal ganglion cells that send the signal to a specific region of the brain known as the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) which is in charge of regulating hormones release into the body throughout the day.

Most people these days suffer from various stress and anxiety problems due to their way of living which corresponds to lack of natural sunlight throughout the day. Sunlight is very important to prevent various diseases like cancer, diabetes, mood disorders and obesity.

The AYO helps to prevent these diseases, but basically, the wearable aims to make you more productive and healthy human all around. It also has an app which tracks down the users “chronotype” means that it determines whether you are morning or an evening person, highest core body temperature, levels of melatonin onset/offset and other relevant factors.

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The app analyzes this data and gives you an accurate representation of your idiosyncratic circadian rhythm. This will help you in indicating when you will be experiencing an afternoon energy dip or when would be the best time for you to exercise your body etc.

The AYO app has one unique feature called “Chrono Link” which allows to share and match your data with other persons allowing you to find the best match for both of you.

The Novalogy CEO Branislav Nikolic first started thinking about light treatment when he and his team were often traveling to different countries and they started having Jet Lags.

He reported to wearables.com, “Soon we had problems with waking up in the morning or feeling low on energy during the day, this actually made us realize the importance of light on our bodies and its profound effect and on general wellbeing.”

AYO can also be used by athletes to get a complete and proper rest for a good active start of the day. The players can easily adjust to everyday sleep levels after a tough routine.

Overall AYO seems like a great fitness product with unique features which will help you live a better life. You can get this device for $299 USD along with the shipment.

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