Aukey USB-C Hub, an affordable hub from a reputable brand

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What can one do if they happen to have a laptop with only USB Type-C ports? Buy the AUKEY USB-C Hub.

With Apple taking the lead by offering only USB Type-C ports on its laptops, other manufacturers soon took the initiative as well. This lead to widespread criticism since there is no way that the good old USB 3.0 and earlier, or the ethernet, or the SD card reader is going to die soon.

This is because all of these things are important since most of the gadgets we have these days rely on these. Sure, the world is changing but there is still some time when every gadget would have a USB Type-C port. Until then, we need to rely on USB-C hubs like from Aukey because simply put, these manufacturers aren’t going to listen. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and tell you why buying this very hub is going to future-proof you for at least 10 years.

Many Type-C hubs have surfaced, but not many are of the quality like Aukey’s. Indeed USB Type-C hubs tend to be expensive, but buying from a reputable brand like Aukey is more like a one-time investment.

There are some different configurations available by Aukey, but perhaps the best value for money is the one which offers 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, an HDMI port, and microSD and SD card, readers. Amazed by these number of ports? Don’t worry they are all on the wider side, and the hub itself is extremely light-weight and thus portable. There is space in between the ports, so that the cable or stuff you plug into the ports, doesn’t collide.

This might seem beneficial for some and some might criticize the fact that you have to really plug your cables the hard way into the USB Type-A ports. This means that the cables won’t fall out easily, and you can easily flash some software on your phone for instance with your mind at peace. The hub boasts a Power Delivery feature known as USB-PD as well, which makes your laptop or any other USB Type-C dependent gadget charge faster. Furthermore, you need now worry about the hub getting hot while fast charging since it remains rather cool and comfortable to touch.

Perhaps, one of the downsides about the hub is its short cable length of 5.9 inches. Thus it can become a hassle to carry the hub and your Type-C device together from one place to another, with all that devices connected to it.

Though the hub being lightweight is likely to be a plus point, but it also means that it can go further across the table on slightest of touches. Though that shouldn’t be a problem once you get used to it. Furthermore, it would have been better if the hub had also managed to house a headphone jack as well, since again because of Apple, we are going to have to live without the good old headphone jack for what seems like an eternity.

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