Astoria VR review

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Astoria VR products are devices that promise to deliver a ‘mind blowing’ virtual reality experience. These include Astoria VR headsets, headphones and controller along with a cleaning kit.

The word ‘virtual’ means ‘true to reality’. The concept of virtual reality is not very ancient; rather it is one of the most up-to-date technologies that cover many fields of life such as education, training, health care, arts, engineering, occupational health, and entertainment. Virtual reality makes use of computer technologies and different gadgets to project images and sounds that depict real life situations. The user of such program is also made part of this virtual environment and is in full control of the whole experience.

Astoria VR has introduced its line of products to provide unmatched and immersive virtual experience and present analysis will highlight its main features.

Astoria VR manufacturer

The creator behind Astoria VR is a company by the name of Kanderian Enterprise Inc. based in Texas. The complete contact details can be found on the official website.

Astoria VR product line

The company has its products range termed Astoria VR and the principle gadget is the

  • Astoria VR headset, that can be paired with
  • Astoria VR headphones and
  • Astoria VR Bluetooth Wireless controller

The combination of all these elements takes your virtual reality experience to new heights.

Astoria VR Headset

The Astoria VR gadgets are designed for maximum entertainment. The headset needs to be connected with a smartphone and it opens a world of 360-degree 3D VR escapade. Some of the features of Astoria VR headset are

  • Ergonomic design that enables one to have an enjoyable experience for as long as they want
  • Design allows for versatility of focus by adjusting the pupil distance and focal distance

Papillary adjustment range 55-75mm

astoria vr headsets-min

Myopia less than 600 degrees that allow using this gadget with or without glasses

  • The adjustable T-shaped headband made of soft enough material for your eyes and forehead. The size of the headband can be adjusted according to one’s size.
  • High definition optical resin lens that provides a shield from the blue light from your cell phone for a better vision
  • Compatible with I-phones, android, and window series phones of screen sizes 4.7-6.0 inches
  • More than 300 virtual reality apps available that can be enjoyed with Astoria VR headset

Astoria VR headphones

Astoria VR headphones compliment the headset with its 15mm speaker driver for maximum comfort. Its copper wiring makes it possible for crispy clear sound effects to be delivered.

astoria vr headphones-min

Astoria VR wireless controller

The Astoria VR wireless, Bluetooth controller delivers full control to your virtual reality experience whether you are playing a game or just roaming and roving in some adventure world. Its intelligent design is compatible with Android, Windows, IOS and MacOS. This Bluetooth controller can be modified into

  • portable remote control for TV, tablet and mobile phones
  • In addition to its use as PC remote controls, mouse and game controllers.

The Astoria VR headset and its accessories come with a cleaning kit to keep the lens of the headset in spic and span condition for best viewing ever.

How to use Astoria VR headset

The headset is easy to use with its ergonomic design, high-quality head support and cushioning for a comfortable wear.

The headset resembles a smart binocular or ski-goggles, all you need to do is to remove the cover from the lens and start a game, sports event, any tour or simple video or movie on your smartphone. Once initiated place the smartphone into the cover of the headset and replace it back onto the headset. Adjust the headset according to your comfort level and wear it on your head. There is no limit to what you can experience through the lens of the headset.

The cost of Astoria VR headset and accessories

The Astoria VR headset costs about $59 on the official website and that is the sale price. The Astoria VR In-ear headphones and Bluetooth controller come at a price of about $14.99 and $19.99 respectively.

The company has offered these products at a discounted price, the time limit of which is not known.

Any refund policy or guarantees

The manufacturer of Astoria VR does not extend any money back guarantees, however, a refund policy of 14-day is offered. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Astoria VR gadget, you can return the device and get a refund on your purchase. For any queries and suggestions, the company’s contact details are as

Health concerns about the usage of Astoria VR headset

The concept of virtual reality and augmented one is opening new exits towards knowledge and entertainment fields. However, with the advent of such technologies, health experts continually research on the impact of such advances on physical, emotional, psychological aspects of human life. Some of the health concerns regarding the use of such gadgets are

  • Severe eye strain
  • Nausea
  • Motion sickness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Recent studies of lab rats at the UCLA Keck Center for Neurophysics have revealed negative side effects as cybersickness and abnormal brain activity including the shutting down of 60 percent of brain neurons when exposed to a virtual environment.

Another concern is the increased risk of physical hazards, as the user is not in touch with the real environment around them. These headsets use a pixilated screen to project the image and the eyes focus via a single refractive optic lens that is incapable of efficiently addressing the optic issues with near-to-eye devices.

By maintaining a large field of vision, combining the AR and VR capabilities, extending natural eye optics, enabling a natural user interface, an allowance for customization and lightweight gear (less than 4 ounces), and these virtual reality headsets can transform the world around you.

What we like about Astoria VR products

At this point, we like some aspects of Astoria VR headset as

  • Ease of use
  • Highly compatible with smartphones
  • Can be customized according to one’s convenience
  • Adjustable focal distance and interpupillary distance
  • Lens with high clarity and definition
  • Delivers a completely immersive experience with its 360-degree virtual projection
  • A wide scope of learning and entertainment opportunities
  • A competitive and affordable price

What concerns us regarding the use of Astoria VR PRODUCTS?

The concerns associated with Astoria VR headsets are the same as with any other VR gadgets. The company has not rendered any information on the weight of the headset. However, the manufacturer claims the design to be ergonomic and Astoria VR is stated as the 2016 popular brand of virtual reality gadgets.

We cannot comment on the comfortable time duration for the use of Astoria VR gadget but the manufacturer takes pride in the claim that the ergonomic smart design of Astoria VR headset enables you to experience a virtual reality adventure for as long as you want.

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