ASRock G10 AC2600, the best gaming router you can get for $160

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If you were looking for an “All in one Router” then you have come to the right place. For there is a router on the market now, the ASrock G10 AC2600 with a plethora of features which probably you won’t be able to use all, since they are a lot. It is ideal for gamers who think they require faster internet connectivity when playing online games.

Design and Specs perfect for Gamers

The design speaks for itself. It is the perfect candidate for the gaming router, with its aggressive looks. Ironically the router looks like a rock too as its name suggests the ASRock G10. It basically appears as if some stereoscopic tower shaped router, which you probably won’t need to hide away somewhere since it can easily be used as an ‘arts’ piece as well.

As for the router’s antennas, there aren’t any external ones. This is because Antennas make a router look ugly. Though, you don’t have to worry since the router has 8 internal high-powered antennas already. They offer a combined speed of 2.53 Gbps and works on 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac bands as well. With a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, rest assured of a ‘buffer’ free video streaming and gaming experience.

The ports are the usual 4 Gigabit Ethernet ones for wired connections and there is another one to connect to your broadband modem. Instead of a single USB 3.0 port, there are two; Therefore, you can easily share and access files over the network.

Gaming Boost

Courtesy the Dynamic Gaming Boost through QoS bandwidth prioritization, enjoy a lag free gaming experience. It is essential in those cases where you are just about to win a game, but your internet connection leaves you high and dry.

MU-MIMO Technology

Furthermore, with MU-MIMO, which is the technology of the future, your router is essentially future-proof. This means it is not getting obsolete anytime soon.

Beamforming Technology

Courtesy the Beamforming technology signals are directed where they are needed the most. Most routers just spread the signals around them equally, where they aren’t even needed. So if you find yourself consistently in a Wi-Fi dead zone, don’t worry your router has you covered.

Remote Control

With the G10, you can connect across multiple NATs without any hassle, and the connection is more secured courtesy the G10’s advanced Remote Control Technology

IR Learning and ASRock Router APP

Not only this, but the router also has built-in Infrared, therefore you can easily control your home appliances from the ASRock G10 app.


It is true that with continuous use, every hardware’s performance decreases gradually. Since routers, these days are subject to being turned on 24/7 they might lose their stability over the time. With this router you can easily schedule reboot times, therefore giving your router a fresh start after a week or so, eventually increasing the lifespan too.

Easy to Setup

Its now possible for a newbie too to easily configure their router when connected for the first time. Everything is automatically detected, therefore saves the time.

H2R 2-In-1 Router

This feature is supported on the high-end models only. It basically comes in free with the ASRock G10, and works as a casting device, by plugging it into the HDMI port of any supported TV.


The router is available for a much less price tag of $160 over at Amazon now. With the number of features the device offers, it is a must-have, especially for gamers.

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