Upcoming iPhones will have ‘Wireless Charging’ and ‘Waterproofing’ technologies

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Apple iPhone 8 is one of the most awaited smartphones, expected to hit the market this year and now one of the manufacturers of Apple has recently confirmed that the wireless charging and water-proofing features will be the part of upcoming iPhones.

However, previously a few rumors were circulating in the market related to the features of iPhone 8. According to the rumors, the device will likely to be packed with some prevailing features like; OLED panel, AR feature, wireless charging and a fast A11 chip.

Wistron is one of those companies who manufacture iPhones in ‘small quantity’ just like Foxconn and Pegatron. Robert Hwang (the CEO of Wistron) has confirmed the rumors after the conference which held on Wednesday in Taiwan, according to Nikkei Asian Review reports.

This significantly means that along with the iPhone 8, the upgraded version of iPhone 7S (iPhone 7S Plus) will also encompass these two compelling features.

After the company’s annual meeting of the shareholders, the CEO of Wistron told the reporters, “Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.”

Previously, Apple has tipped to add such startling features (water-proofing and wireless charging) in its devices and adding such features will make the iPhones more noteworthy.

However, there are no evident proofs that Apple will take up the industry standard of Qi wireless charging. It’s in the nature of the company to bring out ground-breaking technologies and maybe this time Apple is planning to elicit something different yet exceptional.

Long-range charging feature can be the new technology which Apple will likely bring out as there were rumors in the market related to this innovative idea of the company.

To endow the new iPhones with this wireless charging feature, Apple is experimenting to introduce a new technology which will enable the users to charge their iPhones from a Wi-Fi router, according to a recent patent.

Charging iPhones through Wi-Fi means that the signals of the router must be strong enough to charge the device and the system will likely use the electromagnetic frequencies.

It can be predicted that one day the people will be able to charge their tabs, smartphones or other devices by using mobile data, Wi-Fi or by the satellite signals. This seems to be beyond belief but Apple has started working to introduce such kind of technology.

The new upcoming iPhone 8 will be jam-packed with some compelling features; the sleek and chic design sporting a vertical dual-camera setup, the sleek glass back, a fingerprint sensor entrenched underneath the bezel-less display and the elongated power button.

The hiccups in the production of iPhone 8 are maybe causing the delay in the launch but according to some reports, Apple will launch its new miraculous iPhone 8 along with an upgraded version of iPhone 7 in September 2017.

As soon as the Apple new device iPhone 8 will hit the market shelves it will definitely take over the smartphone world with its ground-breaking features.

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