Apple’s Repair Program to replace defective iPhone 8 logic boards – Check if you are eligible

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Arguably, not even the world’s best phone maker can make a perfect phone as it turns out that the last year’s iPhone 8 has a chance of malfunctioning due to a faulty logic board on a very small number or perhaps a minute number of iPhones.

Apple has once again proven that they are committed to their customer relationship since they are now offering a free motherboard replacement for iPhone 8 users – if they are eligible though.

For those who don’t know what function the iPhone logic board performs, then simply put, everything – nearly. The logic board has a CPU, device memory, and other integral components. Thus, if a thing like this goes bad, it is sure going to cause some malfunctioning devices. In this case, iPhone 8 users with faulty motherboards, may see their phones restarting by themselves. In addition to this, their screen might get frozen as well, and in extreme cases, the phone simply won’t boot and may be stuck in a boot loop.

It should be noted that these defective logic boards are currently only found on the Apple iPhone 8, but not the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, which were released at the same time. In addition to this, as per Apple, the unfortunate devices were only sold between September 2017 and March 2018. The countries in which these devices are sold include Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, and the United States too.

If you want to know if your device is eligible for a repair, you just need to input your iPhone’s serial number into the Apple’s repair page. In case, you are eligible but still don’t want to get your phone’s logic board replaced, you can still wait since this repair program is for those 3 years since the release the iPhone release last September.

But, if you are worried about an unexpected loss of data, then it is better that, you get the logic board replaced right now instead of afterward. Either you can go to a third party specialized authorized by Apple or contact Apple Support to do a mail-in repair. Else you can also make an appointment at the Apple Store to give them your phone so that they can get it repaired themselves.

Besides this, it is always recommended to back up your phone through iTunes or iCloud prior to giving your phone for repairs, especially when the logic board is going to be replaced. In case that you also happen to have a broken or cracked screen, or other hardware issues, then you also are advised to get them repaired before you opt for the logic board replacement.



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