Apple’s latest iPad is available for purchase

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The newest iPad announced by Apple recently has been spotted in stores. The newest iPad is less costly than other models and it seems to be available at Apple retail outlets and Best Buy stores. The base model starts at $329 and comes with Pencil support.

Apple‘s been trying to lower the prices of its devices in order to appeal to the education sector more. Only a few years ago, Apple’s iPads and MacBooks were the devices that were being used in every classroom in the U.S. However, ever since the cheaper Google Chromebook came along, things have changed. Now Microsoft and Google devices dominate over 60 percent of U.S classrooms.

Rumors started spreading that in order to fight back, Apple would introduce a new iPad. Apple started by lowering prices for its products in order to make them more affordable for students. This saw Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad’s price tag get lowered last year to $329. However, the rumors turned out to be true as  Apple recently announced a new iPad at its education event in Chicago and that it’ll cost students only $299. The price is exclusive only to students as the newer iPad will be available to regular customers for $329.
Although the iPad is definitely cheaper, if you were to buy Apple pencil and all the other accessories, then it would become really expensive again. However, the iPad alone should compete better in the education market now.

The latest iPad’s specifications

The new iPad is a better version of the previous 9.7 inch iPad. The updated iPad comes in silver, space gray and gold colors, with the last one being a new addition. This iPad, unlike the others, will also have Apple Pencil support. This makes it the first non-pro iPad to receive Apple Pencil support.

Apart from that, the tablet comes with Touch ID, an HD Facetime camera,10 hours of battery life, an 8-megapixel rear camera, LTE options, and Apple’s A10 Fusion chip. It seems that it’ll have more or less the same specifications as the previous iPads with the exception of Apple Pencil support and the price tag of course.

Large updates or improvements to the tablet’s hardware won’t be too much of a problem in this case. This is because of the fact the target audience is not one which is looking for improved hardware or features. iPads for use in classrooms would at best need smooth and fast performance and nothing else. Apple’s devices already deliver on the basics. Therefore, the significantly lower price tag is what will likely get this iPad’s sales up.

What’s next?

Apple seems to have a renewed focus towards providing its products at more affordable rates for students and teachers alike. Not only have they introduced this iPad at cheaper rates, but they also have special discounts for its MacBooks for students too.

Moreover, it’s also been reported that Apple will be launching a much cheaper Mac soon which will be designed specifically for students. The current MacBook Air is the cheapest Mac out there, the new affordable Mac will reportedly be even cheaper than this one.

Whatever the case is, tablet devices are more frequently used in schools instead of laptops. Therefore, it’s a wise move on Apple’s part to come up with a new and affordable iPad to win over students and teachers. More importantly, this was much needed on Apple’s part as Google is likely about to introduce Chrome OS tablets as well, which will provide fierce competition for the new iPads.

The latest iPads are now available in Apple retail outlets as well as Best Buy stores. However, before going out of your way to buy, it’s best to check online for the availability of the products. You can check with Apple here, and Best Buy here.


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