Apple watch 3 series; A pricy commodity at its best!

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After the sizzling release of iOS 11, the Tech Giant is back with its new addition to the Apple watch series. Introducing the Apple Watch 3 (or, technically, the Apple Watch Series 3). Which is basically builds on its predecessor, the Apple watch 2, but has some cutting-edge features to look out for.

For those who tend to forget their cells at home, either in a hurry or simply because they want to, the Apple watch has got their back. The watch weaves itself so intimately inside your daily experience that you begin to use it unconsciously. Just like a watch! The device’s health, Activity, heart and fitness tracking features coupled with Apple Pay, Maps, Siri questions, Messages and time of course, make it a perfect substitute to your iPhone (generally speaking).

The new Apple watch 3 has these features plus more;

WatchOS 4 Enhancements

The WatchOS 4 adds on a couple of great features to the watch, with the heart monitoring system, Apple Music streaming, Workout Apps and let’s not forget Siri. The improved machine intelligence-based personalization allows a better interaction with the watch. Activity reminder being even more upgraded keeps tabs on you telling when to increase the activity level.

This level of interaction will eventually increase and this is something of extreme importance since this could completely change how medical world has evolved for now. Because how amazing it could be if one is reminded by a watch of a medication time and is also warned when the body functionality is disrupted (low blood pressure, low blood sugar etc..) before the situation gets serious.


The overall design us quite similar to the Apple watch 2, apart from a few aesthetics added; color options, straps and finishes.

Sticking to the same square frame formation, but with a little twist to the Digital Crown Button, its top is now red. The 1.65-inch OLED display is still one of the better ones on the market, but you still have to ‘raise to wake’ the screen to actually see the time, rather than having it on constantly.

The screen remains the same, the shape the same, the band connector the same – it’s impressive that Apple has managed to lump in so much tech without increasing the thickness from the Apple Watch 2, but some design upgrades would have made this feel like more than just a slight evolution.


The watch has cellular connectivity which kind of comes off as a concern regarding battery timing. Meaning you only get an hour of talk time on a single charge. Apple has detailed the expected duration following a nightly charge here. It claims we don’t need to worry, and that the Apple Watch Series 3 still offers all-day battery life, which the company specifies as 18 hours.

Cellular Connectivity

The ability to be connected to your new Apple watch without needing to be tethered to your iPhone is something to talk about! The flagship feature of the new Apple Watch is cellular. You’ll be able to get a data connection on your watch even if you leave the companion iPhone at home. A toggle in the Control Center to disable data, complications on the watch face will show your signal strength and you’ll be able to navigate instantly using the inbuilt GPS.

Barometric altimeter; a new introduction for the Apple Watch, and enables the device to offer distance climbed (flights of stairs inside, elevation gained outside) in workouts.

Here is what you need to pay to have the coolest watch;

Apple Watch Series 3 (no cellular): from $329

Apple Watch Series 3 (cellular): from $399

Our Verdict

The Apple series 3 is the best smartwatch you can buy so far, however the thing is a bit pricy and cannot be constant considering the added fees one has to pay, and then there is the battery issue.

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