Apple TV Plus and Everything it has to offer in just $4.99

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The day is finally here. The Apple launch event is up and streaming and we’re slowly being introduced to new tech and services for the next year. One of these services happens to be AppleTV+.

I’ve previously mentioned Apple TV+ while discussing what to expect in this event. For those of you who don’t know, Apple TV+ is a new streaming service like Netflix and Hulu. You basically pay to get a subscription, It can be monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly. Once you get a subscription, you can watch or listen to movies, TV shows, music or whatever the service offers for the duration of the subscription.

Like any new subscription service, the first thing the most people worry about is the amount of content being offered for the money. A typical customer would most likely go for a single service that offers the most amount of content rather than multiple services for different types of shows or movies.

Now, I know that Apple has fanboys that will buy the Apple TV+ subscription regardless of the content just because of the brand name. However, most sane potential subscribers will be happy to know that the content is substantial.

Image: Apple

To start off, the subscription service has already produced and will upload it original series. They include The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, a comedy show called You Think It, I’ll Say ItTruth Be Told is a thriller starring Octavia Spenser. At the event, they even premiered the trailer of See, a TV series based on a post-apocalyptic future starring Jason Momoa.

As far as other titles are concerned, they’ll be added after every month. The service will be launched on November 1st, 2019. Surprisingly, the pricing is something that’s highly unlike Apple. Apple announced a subscription package at just $4.99/month, which is one of the cheapest you can get. In comparison, Netflix starts at $10.99/month and the new Disney+ at $6.99/month.

What’s even better is that the first month is a free trial. Pricing-wise Apple TV+ may just be the best value for money. Now we’ll just have to hope that there is enough content here for people to move. In case Apple pulls that off, this might even replace Netflix as the most popular streaming subscription service.

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