Apple TV 4K: What’s new?

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What is Apple, after all? Apple is about people who think ‘outside the box,’ people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just to get a job done.

No doubt, Apple Inc. has always been a trendsetter and with its latest innovation, it had clean swept the market. Users always expect something great and best from the Apple Inc.

This time, it banged the market with its latest product, Apple TV. This is far way distinctive in its own kind due to the unique features built-in by the company.

For the first time, TV has been brought up with the combination of 4K and High Dynamic Range(HDR) at the doorsteps of consumers’ houses. The magic does not end here; an incredible collection of 4K HDR can be accessed on Netflix, iTunes and much more. This TV got the images with sharpest, brightest, HD high reality-looking quality due to the 4K.


The 4k has provided it with the best details in the dark and bright scenes. The iTunes provides a wide range of 4K HDR movies to the movies which are upgraded automatically in the iTunes library when HDR versions are available.

It will have further videos from the sites like Netflix and prime video. All thanks to the video processing power brought in through v.2.0a HDMI output, which converts all the non 4K into 4K.

Apple TV 4K has even upgraded the SIRI remote with a white button around the menu. Eddy Cue, Apple, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, stated about the mesmerizing features of it once brought into the living room.

He discussed all the features TV is offering to its users. The users cannot deny the magic of simulation and dramatic effect of the 4K HDR features brought in the new APPLE TV. One cannot the real touch blended in the Apple 4K HDR which gives the pictures with the colors very much close to what we can see around.

Apple TV launch two years ago has brought this revised version with all the limitations being removed through the latest features incorporated in it. The Apple TV prices are starting from $179/£199 and $199/£199 versions, every penny worth it!

The price of Apple TV 4K for 32 GB is $179 (US) or $ 199 (US) for 64 GB, and the apple 4th Generation at $149 for 32 GB. It can be conveniently brought through selected Apple Authorized Resellers and carriers (prices may change). Customers can buy both the versions as they are launched in the markets from Friday, 22nd September. For further details, visit

The transformative effects of the HDR pictures are the result of A10X Fusion chip built in the Apple TV. Not to forget! It is the same chip that is powering the iPad Pro. There will be no interruption while watching any tv show or movie due to the support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10, which confirms for the users incredible and fantastic experiences.

The 4K scaler built in for high performance brings all the HD content much more presentable than ever on the 4K screens. No matter, your TV is either an older HDTV or the latest trendy 4K Dolby Vision OLED, the output displayed on the high resolution provides the best visuals.

It is expected that the Apple will once again win the battle and rule the hearts of its fans. It has always taken effective steps to end customers’ annoyance and this time also has worked to expand TV app to seven countries by the end of the year, which will make the availability of all drams and shows accessed from one place through different applications, indeed very convenient.

Customer sovereignty is always founded to be Apple Inc.’s golden rule! So for you, Apple TV and Siri have made possible to find and play exactly what you desire.

Have you ever thought of a TV working on your voice? Yes, of course, you can expect all from Apple TV! It had made your voice the commands of the master for the Genie Siri to search and reach the desired content.

Every time, services are being added to the already package of 60 services on Apple TV and iOS devices. Don’t worry about missing your favorite show anymore! Just say, “Show me the movie in 4K.” it is expected that it will not even disappoint it sports fanatics, as the TV is getting its getting applications easier for watching sports and its updates.

Sports tab.2 will provide with the latest playing notifications on the screen whenever matches, leagues or sporting events are going to start.

From this month, TV app will be easily available in Australia and Canada, and in the US too. By the end of the year, it is expected to be available to France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

If you are already an Apple lover, so add on Apple TV to your list! It is a must buy to complete the range of your Apple products. Enjoy your time with your loved ones and friends with the exuberant experience of Apple TV in your living room. Do not forget your popcorn and drinks to enjoy the complete cinematic series of shows fully supported with 4D HDR effects.

The iCloud enables the Apple users to share their photos and videos on the big screen of Apple TV. Even with the help of AirPlay, many TV shows, movies, videos, and photos can be sent from the iPhones and iPads.

Hopefully, by the end of this year, Air Play2 is coming to control compatible speakers as well home theater speakers to give an outclass music experience. Apple has crossed the boundaries of expectations and imaginations to serve its users with ultimate total smart home. It can even offer lightining at the time of sunset with its automated control.

Thanks to the contributions of Apple since 1984 to the personal world. It has revolutionized every niche of human life with its iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Once an Apple user is always an Apple user! Its spell can never be outcasted due to the master of four platforms-— iOS, macOS, watches, and TVs.

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