Apple MacBook 2017: The slimmest and lightest ultra portable laptop

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In the year 2017, Apple has launched some of the most optimal iPhones and laptops. Continuing the productivity, Apple has recently unveiled the successor of MacBook (came in 2016); the ultra portable laptop which was spotted at the WWDC 2017 conference, the ‘MacBook 2017’ known as the slimmest laptop Apple has ever introduced.

The 12inch MacBook is considered as the company’s true flagship device. The Apple MacBook 2017; the lightest portable MacBook has a vivid and sharper resolution and a 7th generation Core processor is packed along with a faster SSD.

Apple has redesigned the keyboard of MacBook, however, if Apple is planning to bring a successor of MacBook 2017 then there are many features which should be added to make it more notable.

In some ways, the similar priced MacBook Pro of Apple surpasses the MacBook 2017 but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth buying.


The design of MacBook 2017 is still a delight for the MacBook series fans. Even if the system is not much attractive but it’s one of the lightest and thinnest laptops of Apple.

The MacBook 2017 measures 0.52 inches thin and weighs just 2.03 pounds, it sounds incredible as if you are carrying a thin book in your backpack and can travel easily with it.

The keyboard of the previous MacBook models disappointed a lot but this time Apple has worked upon the feature and endows MacBook 2017 with an edge-to-edge keyboard which has changed the previous experience utterly.

You cannot simply stop to appreciate this newly launched 12 inch MacBook, the solid-featuring aluminum MacBook is available in some classy colors including, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Gray.

In the designing department, Apple is likely to be surpassed by other laptop brands in the market. The Huawei Mate Book X made of tempting brushed aluminum which is 0.49 inches thin but a bit heavier. But it also has narrow bezels along with power button that has a fingerprint reader.

The Dell XPS 13 is chunkier and heavier but has more SD card slots and USB ports than MacBook 2017. But if you a looking for a laptop, that is utterly portable with an exclusive design then MacBook 2017 should be your first choice.


It’s somehow quite surprising, a tech giant like Apple has not added more than one port in the latest MacBook, there is only a single USB C-port plus it does not support the Thunderbolt 3 standard which is unacceptable.

The Thunderbolt 3 can be now found in most of the laptops, this feature facilitates you to power two displays at the same time when you plug the MacBook into a dock.

You can also attach it to the external graphics amplifiers to get more oomph. However, Apple should seriously work on this port issue and should add more ports in upcoming MacBooks.

Butterfly Keyboard:

From the MacBook Pro, Apple has brought the 2nd generation ‘Butterfly Keyboard’ design to MacBook which has made the typing experience amazing. The flatter keys enable the user to type accurately as well as quickly once the user becomes used to it.

The 4.4×7.2 inch Force Touch trackpad MacBook and it’s the multi-finger gesture is another plus.

Even, the keyboard looks same but when you just hit the keys, you will feel a great difference. However, this not the best keyboard for typing long documents but if you have used the previous version, you will definitely enjoy this one.


The optimal and sharp display of MacBook has its own class; the 2160×1440 pixel display facilitates the users to see the smallest details. There are numerous ultraportable laptops available in the market within this price range but the display o f those laptops is not up to the mark.

The pretty bright panel of MacBook has knocked out HP Spectre and Asus ZenBook 3 as it put outs 340 nits. But, unfortunately, MateBook X is still leading the list as it put outs 375.6 nits, and this is quite awe-inspiring.

But, hold on the Apple panel has already won the color accuracy race, with a Delta-E rating of 0.19 the MacBook display knocked out the rivals. Not just this, MacBook has also defeated XP3 13 (1.3) and Zen Book (1.8) in the display category.


The MacBook 2017’s webcam is a huge disappointment; most of the users buy the brand because of its astounding camera quality but this time Apple has thwarted the fans with such a low resolution (480p) webcam.

It’s nearly impossible to pack the MacBook with all staggering features in this price but the webcam resolution could have been improved. Users who do video calls on the daily basis should immediately buy an external webcam for better results.


When it comes to performance, Apple always gives a tough time to its rivals and after a long time finally, a faster Kaby Lake chip is incorporated in the MacBook 2017.

The MacBook comes with a 7th generation 1.2-GHz Core m3 processor; optimized to improve the performance of this fanless design. The speed of the last model wasn’t up to mark, but the latest MacBook comes with 256 SSD and 8GB of RAM which has improved the speed of the system immensely.

The entry-level MacBook of Apple is somehow quite responsive. Even if you have opened a dozen of tabs in Chrome and Safari and streaming Spotify, still you can easily edit the photos in Pixelmator.

In the overall performance, the MacBook has notched 6,853 points on the Geekbench.  Moreover, the faster SSD of MacBook facilitates it to dominate over the other notebooks.

The smoking fast transfer rate (467MBps) of MacBook is twice speedy than the last MacBook (335MBPs), HP Spectre (299MBps) and the XPS 13 (399MBps). But the ZenBook 3s with 508MBps tops the list.

Battery Life:

The one area in which this 12inch MacBook beats all the slimmest laptops in the market is endurance (Battery Life). A battery test was conducted by Laptop Mag, after surfing the web continuously over the Wi-Fi; the system lasted for 9hours and 29mins and this is exceptional.

The run time of MacBook beats the HP Spectre and the ZenBook by lasting 2hours more. But the XPS 13 lasted for 14 hours which left all the laptops behind. But still, you don’t need to carry your charger where ever you go just charge your MacBook once and use it for the whole day.



There is nothing new in the software of MacBook, but there are plenty new features such as its blocks the ads which keep following for protecting your privacy and it also prevents the videos to auto-play in Safari.

There plenty of things which are admirable in macOS especially how well the iCloud keeps your notes, photos are various other files in sync across your iPad, iPhone or MacBook.

The Metal 2 for better graphics performance, a new file system and smarter search in Mail are the features which are newly added in the 12 inch MacBook.

The ability of MacBook to AirDrop the videos and pictures wirelessly from your iPhone to your MacBook is another boon. Nowadays, the malware is attacking Macs but you don’t need to worry as Macs are saver than the Windows 10 machines.

The MacBook 2017 is the best version of 12-inch MacBook launched by Apple so far, you can purchased the MacBook from Apple’s offical website for $1,200 or from it’s retail partners like Amazon.

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