Apple iPhone 8: Touch ID Sensor will be entrenched into the display

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Finally, Apple has accomplished and brought a new technology which Samsung couldn’t as according to the reports, iPhone 8 will have ‘Touch ID finger Print Sensor which will be directly integrated into the display’.

After working hard for a couple of years, Apple has achieved its goal, according to the Economic Daily News, Apple’s supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company who has according to the grapevine confirmed Apple’s new achievement during the technology convention held in Taipei.

This is a ground-breaking technology and it will utterly change the perspective of Apple users.  The replacement of physical home button with ‘an optical fingerprint sensor to enable authentication directly on the screen’ seems to be startling.

The absence of home buttons has become a trend as a few weeks ago Samsung launched its new master piece Galaxy S8 in which the home button is missing too. But Apple’s new upcoming technology will definitely beat Samsung if the reports are true.

According to the reports, Apple was working over this technology since June 2015 and was finding out ways to integrate a finger print sensor directly into the screen.

This is a huge relief for Apple fans and after the arrival of this news, Apple fans are more excited and are waiting impatiently to discover this new technology in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

This year (2017) Apple will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and it’s predicted that on this big occasion the brand will launch its new masterwork for its users.

The fans are desperately waiting for the arrival of 10th edition of iPhone and after this news the fans are going crazy to buy this new 10th edition of iPhone.

Apple has struggled a lot to up come with which such a remarkable new technology as previously the brand was facing some issues with its in-house finger print sensor solution.

Due to this issue the brand was left with 3 alternatives; to place the finger print sensor on the back of iPhone, to utterly remove this sensor option from 5.8 inch iPhone or to depend upon other types biometric authentications or even to holdup the manufacturing of the phone.

Due to this finger print sensor problem, the company faced a lot criticism as it affects the iPhone users but after this news that Apple has finally solved this issue and has come up with some miraculous solution.

The new up-coming iPhones will be equipped with ‘invisible infrared image sensor which will boost the functionality of high pixel camera’ to facilitate with the augmented reality (AV) function.

The reports also claimed that the new upcoming iPhone 8 screen ratio will be adjusted to 18:5:9 instead of 16:9 which was previously announced.

Furthermore, it is assumed that iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge OLED display along with this it will have a glass chassis and re-designed steel.

The Apple users should thank the leaks as there are reports from various sources that the company is coming up with a 3D technology and will featured it in the up-coming iPhone 8.

It is expected that Apple will announce iPhone 8 along with the two upgraded version of (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

Now the matter of fact is whether this new ground-breaking technology brought by Apple will able to take over the smart-phone world or not.

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