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Apple has a completely foldable iPhone lined up for 2022 release

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Apple, as one of the greatest tech companies of all time, knows how to evolve. The company survived numerous shifts in the field of consumer electronics and devices, always coming out on top. After all, this company successfully escaped the decline of MP3 players by establishing the iPhone over the iconic iPod series.

Not that iPods and iPhones are the only lineups Apple competes in. The iPad is among the best tablets available, and MacBooks ideal laptops for those not needing a PC. However, it seems Apple may now pivot to foldable devices, a new dimension over its flat screens.

According to multiple rumors, Apple is targeting a September 2022 launch

the technology behind foldable displays isn’t currently very great. Several commercially available products exist from competing brands that all boast foldable technology. However, the mileage of such products vary, typically with very fragile, flimsy and visually unimpressive builds. Knowing Apple’s knack for making sleek, elegant yet functional products, their product should be much more refined.

By September of 2022, just short of two years from now, Apple may have their own product available. The rumors also mention the possibility of a Micro-LED rather than traditional OLED panel. however, that would place the display’s development even further ahead, at least 3 to 4 years. Regardless, the panel is said to be planned with complete foldability, durability and performance in mind.

Foxconn, Apple’s long-term manufacturer, is reportedly involved in the development

Apple has enjoyed a lucrative partnership with Foxconn for years, and several popular products show it. The latest iPhones, with their high resolutions and impressive color dynamics, all bear solid craftsmanship. If this rumor is true, then the company has no need to outsource to other suppliers. Some, like Samsung, already make foldable screens to sell to contemporary brans like Apple.

Speaking of Samsung, their high-profile Galaxy Fold series offers a new and well-received foldable display option. Of course, the device is not without imperfections, such as the fragile build quality. Furthermore, the Galaxy Fold is meant to bridge the gap between phones and tablet. The display bends to allow this. But it just isn’t a 100% foldable device, and you mainly use it as a flat screen.

According to reports, Foxconn will administer at least 100000 stress tests to get the engineering just right. Complaints regarding current-gen foldable displays include poor brightness, fragility and lack of innovative applications. So, Foxconn and Apple will need to ensure their product defies these pitfalls.

When released, the foldable display should naturally come with a premium pricetag

The financial considerations of such a futuristic and potentially revolutionary device won’t be easy to plan out. Apple needs to create a competitive yet premium product, reportedly for around $1500. And, at the same time, it will want multiple manufacturing partnerships to reduce costs. Ideally, this should maximize profit margins.

However, the risk is still relatively high. A global, unpredictable like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could throw a wrench in the works again. Shortages of materials, or manufacturing problems might appear. After all, even the highly anticipated and flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed for such reasons. In fact, if Apple’s manufacturing partners cannot come up a decent build, it may once again have to buy them from Samsung. That would definitely give whatever iteration of Galaxy Fold is available an advantage over Apple.

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