Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Details Revealed – Launches September 19

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Apple Arcade was met with mixed reaction when it was initially announced a few months ago. At its Special Event today, Apple decided to unwrap some more details about the video game service. Altering the way you play games on you phone, Apple Arcade will bring a massive library to the App Store with new exclusive games being added every month.

In order to boost the prospects of Apple Arcade’s success, Apple has managed to partner up with some of the biggest developers in the video game industry. These names include the likes of Konami, Capcom and Annapurna Interactive, all of which will be developing exclusive first party titles for Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade

We also finally have a release date for the Arcade. Apple Arcade will be launching later this month in over 150 countries on September 19, which is much sooner than what everyone had anticipated. You can gain access to the massive library of exclusive and paid games on the Apple Arcade for a monthly fee of $4.99. This price tag covers the account for the whole family, so you don’t have to buy individual accounts for Apple Arcade.

Furthermore, if you’re still not sure about Apple Arcade, you can opt into the one month trial that Apple is offering. So, what are your thoughts on Apple Arcade? Will you be buying a subscription? Let us know down below in the comments.

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