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Apple all set to announce new Apple Watch ‘SE’ and ‘Pro’ Models

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Apple is all set for its launch event ‘Time Flies’ on the 15th of this month. In addition to the new iPhones, the company also has various Apple Watch models in the works. There is an affordable ‘SE’ model as well as a ‘Pro’ model with all the new features. The new model lineup is something new from the company. In the past, we have only seen one or two models all aimed at the higher price segment.

Also, about the name of this new watch lineup, looking at the previous naming schemes, we can predict that. This year the high-end model will be called the Apple Watch Series 6, and apple might call the other one Apple Watch SE. According to Jon Prosser on twitter, Apple has some exciting plans for next year’s releases.

The leak has two parts of the news. Firstly Apple is going for a budget model of the watch this year. This low-cost watch is called ‘SE’. It will have some basic features, while most of the high-end features will be cut down. For instance, it will not have things like ECG built-in, always-on display, and if apple is significantly cutting corners, it won’t feature 3D Touch either. You can see more details in the original tweet below.

Secondly, in addition to the budget model, there is another watch with all the features ‘SE’ lacks. You can think of it as a ‘Pro’ model for Apple Watch. There is no definite naming scheme for the watches yet, but the leak did mention som engineering codenames. Following his above tweet, Jon Prosser also tweeted about these engineering names.

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The Names:

In engineering samples, the two Apple Watch models are listed as ‘Apple Watch’ and ‘Apple Watch Pro’ to engineers. Now obviously, these are not the last names, and we have seen apple go for some bizarre and confusing naming schemes. Considering the company history, the company might not go for these as they are too straight forward.

However, if we look at the iPhone lineup, then the budget variant might be called ‘SE’. The release event is just a few days ahead, and all these leaks will be realized soon.

Apple Watch 4
Image: SlickDeals

In addition to the watches, Apple will also announce the all-new iPhone 12 will also be unveiled in the ‘Time Flies’ event.  The rumors suggest that this will be one of the biggest iPhone releases in the past years. Apple plans to bring some significant changes this time.

This release event has a lot of importance to Apple. A large number of Apple users will be upgrading their phones this time around. According to a tech analyst Daniel Ives, Apples is going to push four models out this year. Consequently, This time out of the 950 million apple users worldwide, an estimate of about 350 million will be upgrading their phones.

This cycle is the primary reason Apple is investing in budget products. Apple anticipated this supercycle and is therefore working on several value propositions. Apple is going to target a relatively broader customer base than usual, and they have several regions in mind to launch their products in. More details on this here.

Either way, a new Apple Watch model is in the works, and it is a budget one. The budget model will bring a lot of useful features to mid-tier iPhone users. It will even make a great pair with the new iPhone SE if Apple prices it well enough. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out what they plan to do.

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