Another cyber attack in town, much bigger than WannaCry

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So, there is another very large-scale and a dangerous cyber attack in town since last week which has assaulted several computers all around the world named as ‘Adylkuzz’. It has caused more or less the same kind of vulnerabilities like WannaCry ransomware worm virus but the difference is that it is much more powerful than ransomware.

The main thing which makes it different as compared to the previous ones is that it takes control of all the computers and put them to work with the help of a virtual currency which can be used by criminals as an exchange of real cash.

A security company named as ‘Proofpoint’ observed and claimed it to be a very large-scale attack for the user’s data that is used for encryption and the attacker installs a software known as cryptocurrency on the victim’s computer so that they can ask for ransom

Different research and persons in the tech field have claimed it to be as one of the pioneers in the hacking tools and have been fixed by the giants like Microsoft earlier as well. It has a different strategy overall it does not disable the whole computer by encrypting it and asking for a ransom instead Adylkuzz uses the machine or system itself for infecting a virtual currency which is known as Monero and then it transfers the whole money through viruses created by the users.

Further, the same security company also mentioned in one of their blogs that most of the common symptoms of this virus and attack are the absence of access to the shared resources of Windows. Similarly, the degradation of PC and lower server performance are some of the main noticeable issues. This slower performance not only affects your PC but also your business performance.

One thing about the Adylkuzz has been noticed that it only attacks the unpatched version of Windows. So, if someone wants then he or she can install the latest security update on their PC and avoid the usually pirated versions in order to save all of their belongings. But still, people don’t notice them well and this ignoring fact helps them to spread the attack successfully.

Cyber criminals usually make the most of it because it works like a silent killer which does not trouble the user much. So, the attackers themselves get benefited from their victims who make their every plan more profitable and successful.

This security company ‘Proofpoint’ has researched well about the Adylkuzz and has claimed that this virus has infected several machines through which it has been successful till now to transfer more than several hundreds of dollars from Monero to the creators of the virus program very easily.

According to different researches and news, it is being claimed that this virus has been on the loose since May 2, 2017.  But some of the researchers have claimed that it is on the loose since April 24, 2017 , ut was not detected earlier. Everybody is just scared regarding its activity region and power is much more than the WannaCry and it would at least infect more than 300,000 computers as the WannaCry did. The investigation has been started regarding this and till now the doubt is towards someone from North Korea is involved behind all of this ransomware attack game.


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