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Android Q Leaks, Features, Release Date And More!

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Many Android smartphones are still running on Android Nougat or Oreo and haven’t even received the latest Android 9.0 Pie update yet, and here Google has already started working on a new version.

The Android Q 10 will be the next major update and has already started to surface out, the team at XDA-Developers managed to get their hands on the early Android Q build which gives us a peek at what we might be getting in future. So if you are curious about the upcoming features and update of the Android Q then you have come to the right place.

Here’s everything we know about so far below.

System-Wide Dark Mode:

The most exciting update, in my opinion, is the new dark mode toggle available in Display settings which will enable a system-wide dark theme. This theme will be applied to some applications like Settings, File Manager, Launcher etc. The Quick Settings, Notification and Volume Panel will also turn black.

Android users have been waiting for this update since a very long time, Google initially started by theming some of their native apps available on PlayStore like Google Phone app, Google Contacts, Messages, Google News, Google Play Games, YouTube, and more but now this will be available throughout the system.

This dark mode theme will apply a dark gray tinge and some parts will turn black to show up against a darker background. There will also be an option available in the Developer options called “override force-dark” which will force apps without dark modes to switch to the nighttime-friendly color scheme.

Image: Android Q Dark Mode/
Image by XDA-Developers

Revamped Permissions:

The next major update in Android Q is the addition of “Permission Usage” in the settings. Privacy is a bigger concern than ever before and Google is taking this seriously. They have now revamped the permission settings which will allow the user to limit the permissions usage to only when the app is in use.

For instance, if you are using the Uber app, then you can go in permission usage settings and set it to only has access to your location when it’s in use. This is really going to improve privacy and will give you more control and authority over who has access to your personal data.

Image: Android Q Permission Usage/
Image by XDA-Developers

Desktop Mode:

We have already seen OEMs like Samsung and Huawei offering desktop mode feature in their smartphones which allows the user to connect their smartphone to a special dock that enables you to view your smartphone on an external monitor and in a desktop environment. This feature might be coming to Android Q but is not confirmed yet.

There is a new Developer Option called “force desktop mode” and its description reads “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays”. This feature does not work as of right now but we can expect a desktop mode in the upcoming update.

Image: Samsung Dex/
Image by Android Central

Upgraded Facial Recognition:

The native android facial recognition system is not as secure as iOS, manufacturers like Samsung have to build their own secure facial recognition system. The built-in facial recognition system by Android relies on cameras but this time you will be getting a proper and secure system.

This will, of course, require your phone to have the hardware for it but for the future it will allow more brands to easily integrate the hardware into their phones without worrying about the software.

Image: Facial Recognition/
Image by Android Central

Native Screen Recorder:

The stock Android does not come with a built-in screen recorder, and users have to download a third party app for this purpose. Now with the new update, users will be able to record their screens similarly as they take screenshots. This screen recorder can be accessed by long-pressing on the screenshot button in the power menu, but the UI is currently unfinished.

Android Q-Name:

Google usually name the android versions after desserts, for instance, Android P is for Pie, Android O is for Oreo etc. So what will Android Q be called? There aren’t many desserts that start with the letter Q but some possibilities are:

  • Quiche
  • Queen of Puddings
  • Queijadas
  • Quindim
  • Quesito

Release Date:

You can expect first previews sometime in March 2019, the updates will then be rolled out in mid-2019 but it can take time till the update gets on your phone depending on the brand you have as manufacturers theme it for their UI. So this is all that we know, for now, we will keep updating once more details are available so keep checking back around for the latest on the next Android OS update.

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