Android P to bring call recording alerts, better battery life and a totally redesigned layout

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We all know that Android follows a naming convention whenever there is a new major update. The updates are released alphabetically, with the current release being Android 8.0 Oreo. Now another release is in preparation set to bring out a major redesign, with a most likely name starting from Android P.

What could possibly be Android P?

As history has shown, Android releases have been named on desserts or sweets rather strangely. From Android to KitKat to all the way down to Oreo, it is likely that this software would also be featured on some ‘sweet’ name starting from the letter P.

From what can be gathered, Pistachio Ice Cream is the word around the corner. This doesn’t mean that Google would go through it. There have been instances where names have changed near the very release. Just expect it to something delicious and sweet though.

Google Assistant finally getting the highlight

Yes, we all use Google Assistant but it isn’t still so well integrated like Apple Siri. Now with Android P, Google is reported to make Google Assistant a much more important part of their OS than before. It could be doing so by programming their new software to include Google Assistant on the main screen inside the very search bar.

Also, Google Assistant which mainly provides Voice Control could aid developers too. They can integrate it into their apps. Though, it isn’t yet known if such implementation would be on a large scale or if it would be totally up to Google’s will to allow certain developers to make full use of Google Assistant or not. Another thing to add, that Google isn’t certain yet to add any of these two features. So it is also possible that Google might drop the ideas altogether.

You would know if someone is recording a call

It is a serious privacy concern when someone is recording a call without the permission of the other person. Therefore, to mitigate this, the new Android version would have a builtin feature to notify the on-call people about the call being recorded. It would do so by a short tune which would be played every 15 seconds or so. Though, there are some constraints too.

It requires that the networks join hands and support the feature too. On top of this, it isn’t yet known if such would occur with the customer service calls as well. Since they already tell you that your call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. They could very well be recorded for legal reasons too or to train their new employees.

Battery life gets better

It is expected that Android P would improve the battery life somehow, though it is not evident yet as to how it would do so. On top of this, it is expected that Android P would add on to a couple of extra features as well as it happens with every major update. The features are mainly added to cater to the needs of the public.

A completely redesigned layout

To make it feel like something totally new, Google is going to switch to a totally different design for its new OS. It is basically trying to accommodate an iPhone X like top notch in its screen display layout. If you don’t know what iPhone X display is like then just imagine a phone with almost a total display front screen except that there is a notch at the top, for front camera and sensors. Since large screen to body ratios are the new thing to smartphones it is the time that Google did something to support such layout on their OS.

Now you must be thinking that there are phones already with a notch, yet they do have a layout. Basically, the version of software these phones run is custom versions. These versions are modified by the manufacturers to suit their needs. Therefore, if there is built-in support for screen notch, it would add to the optimization for such displays. Though it just doesn’t stop here.

Another purpose of doing such could be to attract Apple iPhone users to switch over to Android or those who were awed by the iPhone X display. According to Bloomberg, Google is trying to do so by “improving the look of the software”. Though, it must be mentioned that the top notch on iPhone X has mixed reviews. Therefore, this move by Google could end being a bit controversial since it would seem like copying iPhone’s style.

Though, Android P might just not only support top-notch displays but others as well. This is because not every smartphone looks alike. Companies design their phone in a way so that they appear unique. Therefore, we have seen some foldable and flexible screen phones as well. It is possible that Google could be adding support for such as well.

Okay, so when will it be announced?

Google is known to follow a tradition. They usually give a quick preview of their update for Android during the Google’s I/O Developer Conference. Since the conference is starting at 8 May, it is expected that Google would keep the tradition alive, and would relay us the new update the first day as part of the keynote.

Announcing won’t mean that the software shall be releasing soon. For that, we shall have to wait. This is because Developer Previews would be required to test the software and so that apps can be developed for the new versions too. This could continue until September or October even as has happened in the past. If you would want to have the first-hand experience of the software, then you would need to have a Pixel phone for that, since those are the ones to get the latest updates first. Otherwise, you can just wait for the update to come and hope it shall come soon.

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