Android O to be called ‘Oatmeal Cookie’, Internal Source Code discloses

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In March 2017, Android O was unveiled by Google and at I/O which held in May, the company highlighted its startling features. However, the name of ‘Android O’ is still a mystery. But recently, internal source code revealed that Android O could be named as ‘Android Oatmeal Cookie’.

Google has not revealed the name of its latest OS yet and like always the company will unveil the name later this year.  Leaks and predictions on what name Google could give to Android O, are circulating over internet.

The prediction of internal source code was made on the evidence found in the Android’s source code when mentions ‘oc-dev’ which cropped on several occasions.

Google Pixel is running on the Android O Developer Preview or ‘oc-dev’ codename, the code stated and this evidence is somehow quite notable and maybe the codename could stand for ‘Oatmeal Cookie’.

This assumption is made on some very strong evidences which were noticed during I/O; in one of the presentation slide as well as at Google I/O the word Oatmeal cropped up. Therefore, this prediction of internal source code can turn out to be true.

If all these evidences are closely observed, then most of the people will agree with the assumption of internal source code. But there is a possibility that Google can name this latest version of Android into something utterly different from the assumptions and predictions which are surfacing online.

Previously, most of the people assumed and rumors came out that Android O to name as Android Oreo. Well, this is up to some extent is possible as Google named the one of the Android version (Android 4.4) after the name of the famous chocolate brand (KitKat).

If Google will partner with the company then this will be highly possible that Google will name Android O as Android Oreo.

In the previous previews, Google didn’t unveil that Android version to be Android 8.0 but in the latest preview, Google has finally revealed the Android version secret.

In March 2017, the first developer preview build By Google regarding the next Android version was dropped and later on, Google dropped the second developer.

A few days ago, with the final Android O APIs, Google released the Developer Preview 3 as well. In the following month, according to Google, there will be another release which will bring the ‘near final system images’.

The latest preview build which will be soon disclose includes; the latest version of Android O platform plus with a final API level 2 and optimization plus around 100 of bugs are fixed according to Google.

There are numerous rumors circulating on the release of Android O and according to David Ruddock (Android Police Edition), the latest upcoming Google OS will be soon arriving on the company’s own smartphone Google Pixel in the first two weeks of August.

As the release date of Android O has not been officially announced yet by Google so the release date can vary.  As the second developer preview of Android O is out now, if you own a latest Pixel or Nexus smartphone then you can try it out by signing up at

However, there is no definite answer to what the ‘O’ of Android O will stand for, it could be Oatmeal, Orange or Oreo. But, on the whole, the Android O is one of the most technically capable versions of Android launched by Google so far.

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