Android 11 Unknown Features: Learned from the Source-Code

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Soon after the first build of Android 11 was released by Google as an addition to its Pixel range, the company decided to upload the source code to AOSP. That source code has revealed some fascinating new features for the upcoming piece of hardware.

New volume stream

This update is geared largely towards virtual assistants. The new stream type is known  as AUDIO_STREAM_ASSISTANT. The updated stream’s volume is controlled independently. This means that changing volumes on your virtual assistant stream will not affect the volume of other streams.

Clock Plugins

The Android was set to bring us customizable lock-screen clock options. It was to come in four different styles. Default, text, bubble, and analog. Sadly, these plug-ins never found their way to the final cut.

Moreover, the plug-in remains unavailable for Android 11 as well. However, the custom clock feature has been brought back by Google. Nonetheless, the analog and bubble clocks have been removed for the Android 11. So, not a lot of room for customization either way.

Freeze Cached Apps

In the second Beta version of the Android 11, a developmental feature was noticed. It was titled “suspend execution for cached apps.” Back then there wasn’t enough information on the matter to understand what it meant.

After the source-code reveal, we’ve come to the understanding that it enables the system to freeze cached apps. When an app is frozen it doesn’t put any pressure on the CPU cycle. Furthermore, it cuts down on power consumption. Thus, improving battery life.

The apps can be unfrozen by removing them from the cache. Additionally, they can also be unfrozen by removing the app entirely.

Android 11
Android 11
Source: Pocket-lint

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