Android 11 Developer Preview – Everything You Need To Know!

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Google recently released the developer’s preview of its new Android 11 for Pixel devices. The preview was available for a really short period of time on a page of their website, now it is officially been removed and is currently unavailable. We were able to flash this on our Pixel device to test out the new features. It is a beta version so we will recommend you to avoid flashing it on your device as it will wipe all your data and will be buggy.

Android 11 brings in a lot of new improvements like better 5G compatibility, updated security and much more. We have listed down all the currently known upcoming features of Android 11, sow without further ado let’s take a look at what Google will be offering us in 2020.

Messaging UI:

Similar to Facebook’s Messenger chat heads, Google has introduced “bubbles” for its own messaging app. This feature was rumored to be released in Android 10 last year but that wasn’t the case, it will surely be releasing this time in Android 11. This feature will provide a better user experience by allowing the user to access multiple conversations easily from anywhere through a floating bubble on the screen. 

Scoped Storage:

The next and one of the most important features is Scoped Storage, which as the name suggests is related to storage functionality. Currently, if you install any application on your Android smartphone and grant it storage permission then it gets permission to access your entire storage, but now with this new feature, you will be able to give access to a specific part of storage.

This will really improve the speed of the device as for small writing operations like the score of a game, the access granted will be specific and limited. This also means more secure storage as the apps would not be able to read data or use data of the complete storage without the permission. 

One-time Permissions:

Another security feature added is also related to the permission of the device. Previously, if you grant a certain permission to the app it will be able to use it throughout, but now there will be more control over the permissions.

For instance, sensitive features like microphone, camera or location of the device can be granted one-time access. Another permission option will be ‘while using the app’ which will grant permission during that instance of using the app, but as soon as the app is closed, the permission will be revoked.

Image by Android Police

Bluetooth On Airplane Mode:

More and more Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers have become a part of the ecosystem. Bluetooth gets turned off during airplane mode which gets really inconvenient for the user. The frequency of Bluetooth doesn’t really interfere with the airplane control system so it makes no sense to turn it off.

Now with the release of Android 11, Bluetooth will stay turned on during the airplane mode so the user will be able to use all his gadgets.

Long Screenshot:

The long screenshot is not exactly a new feature but it is not originally integrated into android, some smartphone manufacturers have provided this feature on their devices but now Android 11 will come integrated with a long screenshot feature. This will allow the user to take a scroll-able screenshot and get more data in a single picture.

Dark Mode Scheduling:

Dark Mode has become one of the most popular features of smartphones and developers are now integrating this feature in their apps. Android 11 will bring a scheduled dark mode option which will allow the user to set a specific time to automatically enable and disable the dark mode. So if you like to turn on the dark mode at night and not in the day you can simply set the time to do that automatically.

Lastly, this time around there will be no specific android name like Pie, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc. It will simply be called Android 11. So this was all that we know about the upcoming Android 11, I hope you enjoyed the roundup. If you have any queries or opinions then make sure to drop down a comment below.


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