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AMD Releases FSR 2.2 as Open-Source for Wider Access and Innovation

AMD made an announcement at the end of 2022 regarding the launch of their FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2. This open-source technology is capable of upscaling graphics in games, similar to the DLSS technology.

Although FSR 2.2 has already been integrated into some games, such as Need for Speed Unbound and F1 22, it was not available to all developers until recently. To address this, AMD has now released the source code of FSR 2.2, allowing independent game developers, modders, and anyone interested in modifying and utilizing the technology to their liking.

In the upcoming Game Developer Conference (GDC) scheduled for March 20-24, 2023, AMD plans to provide more details about their upscaling solution and other technologies that empower game developers to achieve superior performance levels of visual fidelity in their latest titles. AMD experts will host presentations and cover various topics, including AMD FidelityFX technologies, Microsoft DirectStorage, and the AMD Radeon Developer Tool Suite.

Those in attendance can anticipate acquiring beneficial knowledge and understanding regarding these domains and other relevant topics.

FidelityFX FSR2 v2.2.0 is a major update to the upscaling technology, providing substantial enhancements to image quality in various scenarios.

Compared to its predecessor, FSR v2.1.2, the FidelityFX FSR2 v2.2.0 significantly improves image quality while minimizing the occurrence of visual glitches, such as ghosting and shimmering, particularly when dealing with fast-moving objects.

The primary goal of this update is to enhance the overall visual quality of graphics while minimizing any imperfections.

Developers upgrading from FSR 2.1.2 to the newly released FSR 2.2 should be aware of changes to the application-side FSR2 API. While this may require effort, the transition process is expected to be straightforward.

To achieve the best possible upscale quality, developers should take note of the changes related to mask generation. Paying particular attention to this aspect will help reduce the presence of artifacts and ensure a smoother upgrade. In addition, the FSR 2.2 release includes fixes for several issues reported by users, both on GitHub and other platforms.

The team values and appreciates all feedback, even though they may need help to respond to every GitHub issue. Their goal is constantly to improve FSR 2 to provide the best possible experience. Therefore, they extend their gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making FSR 2 a better product.

Game developers can still offer FSR 1 as an upscaling option alongside FSR 2, as both technologies have distinct characteristics that may better suit different platforms and user preferences. For instance, the game DEATHLOOP, partnered with FSR 2, offers both options.

FSR 2 is compatible with DirectX 12 and Vulkan, as well as the Unreal Engine versions 4.26/4.27 and Unreal Engine 5, which is available as a plugin from the Unreal Marketplace.

Upgrading from FSR 2.1.2 to FSR 2.2 will require developers to allocate time and effort, as changes to the FSR2 API on the application side have been implemented.

Despite this, the update process is expected to be manageable. It is worth noting that changes related to mask generation should be given particular attention to achieving optimal results. We thank our users for supporting our efforts to continuously improve FSR 2.

The most recent version of FSR comes with various notable additions and improvements. To begin with, a new debug API checker has been introduced to facilitate the integration of FSR into applications.

The update also addresses “High-Velocity Ghosting” and improves Luminance computation with the pre-exposure application. The update addresses small motion vectors, which were previously ignored in in-depth estimation, and also updates depth logic to enhance disocclusion detection and prevent self-dis occlusions.

The latest update to the FSR technology has significantly improved various aspects of its functioning. The dilated reactive mask logic now incorporates temporal motion vector divergence to prevent locks, and a new lock luminance resource has been introduced.

The accumulation process has been reworked to utilize temporal reactivity, and intermediate signals are now stored and tone mapped differently.

Furthermore, the luminance instability logic has been enhanced, and tone mapping is no longer applied during RCAS, ensuring a more dynamic range is maintained.

Lastly, the update includes fixes for multiple issues reported by users on GitHub and other platforms.

The year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of our FSR technology, as reflected by the increase in the number of games that either support FSR 1 or FSR 2. The figures climbed from 110 in June to 226 in December, and now, they have reached an impressive milestone of 250. Within the pool of 250 games, 110 feature our latest FSR 2 technology, indicating the steady shift of developers toward its adoption.

This success is indicative of the increasing recognition and acceptance of FSR technology among developers and gamers.

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