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AMD Radeon RX 6000 leaked images, NVIDIA might be in trouble

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A recently leaked picture gives a first look at the rumored Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card from AMD. It is obviously a test board and could show us the details of the new RDA 2 GPU from AMD. The image was leaked at Bilibili by a Chinese user.

NVIDIA made quite a big impression from their GPU release event recently. Not only did the company bring more performance to the table. But the value proposition of the new cards also makes you think about ditching the consoles. After NVIDIA Microsoft and Sony also followed suit and launched pre-orders for their new devices. Now, all we’re waiting for are the new cards from AMD.

The leaked image shows us the first look at the upcoming flagship-level cards from team red. The leaker mentioned that the image shows a test board of one of AMD’s RDNA 2 based Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards. These test boards are sent to custom card manufacturers to engineer their designs correctly. AMD plans to launch the RDNA 2 series on October 28th.

Source: bilibili,搞机猛男

The image shows a graphics card with a pretty standard rectangular shaped PCB. There are no visual improvements n the cards because of its engineering nature. There are however a few things mentioned on the PCB which might give us some information about the installed components.

This board features the hyped Big Navi RDNA 2 GPU from AMD. We do not know the exact chip model as the image shows the back of the card and the chip is probably hidden beneath the cooler. The board however has a label XT on it which could mean a particular model or manufacturer. The backside of the PC also shows marks for GDDR 6 memory onboard the GPU.

This also means the previous leaks about AMD using HBM2e memory were not true as this card clearly uses GDDR 6. One case however could be that AMD is using GDDR 6 for this specific card while some other models also use HBM2e.

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Other Specifications:

According to the leak, this card uses 16 GB GDDR6 memory coupled with a 256-bit bus interface. This means that the cards will house a total of eight GDDR 6 dyes to make up the total capacity. These dies will most likely be placed in 3,3,2 configuration around the chip. Furthermore, it could also mean that there will be a 32 GB memory variant in consumer cards which will utilize dual sided memory.

The inclusion of a 256-bit bus means that there will be two 16 GB with processing differences or there will bean 8 Gigabytes model in the Radeon RX 6000 series. There cannot be a 12GB model with this bus size and AMD will have to replace it with a lower bit one if the plan on making one.

Diving deeper in details we also know that id AMD plans on have one-sided 16GB memory they will use 16GB dyes on these cards. These dyes can hit up to 16 Gbps in terms of speed which will give the card a total bandwidth of around 512 GB/s.

But wait before you go around running saying AMD has destroyed NVIDIA. We need to wait for the official launch and specs. The test board has no RGB or logos and the final design and specification will most likely differ from this. In terms of cooling, we can see an inverted tower heatsink design n this card. It is one of the most common cooling designs on consumer GPUs. We can see the aluminum heating clock as well as fans on the GPU in the leaked image.

To conclude our discussion AMD does seem on track to give a serious fight to NVIDIA in consumer GPUs. Tech enthusiasts around the world are predicting that this release will affect NVIDIA just as the Ryzen release affected Intel.


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