AMD offers a better threadripper 16-core processor in exchange of the Intel core i7-8086k

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Intel and AMD are the two silicon manufacturing giants of this world, both are trying hard to get past one another by using every resource they have to make the market of their product. AMD has been lacking behind Intel for a long time now, Intel dominated the Laptop market since its arrival with its mobile chips.

But for a year AMD is making life hard for Intel especially since the arrival of the Ryzen APUs that have better overall performance most importantly in-house graphics performance. While in the CPU department both firms are playing number, games trying to get past the other company as quickly as possible.

Last year we saw Intel’s 24-core processor as a result of AMD’s 16-core Threadripper, this year at Computex we saw Intel getting ahead with impractical 28-core processor and AMD crushing it with much better 32-core solution by the name of Threadripper 2. The urge of getting ahead from the competition of both firms has produced remarkable tech and even forcing them to go beyond their breathing capacity e.g. Intel is back in the GPU market because of AMD’s claim of 40% of the gaming market, other than consoles which too use AMD’s processors and GPUs.

Image: PC world
Image: PC world

At Computex Intel announced that it will give away 8086 units of the anniversary edition Core i7-8086k processor, if you are a US citizen you might want to apply here. If you already applied and won, the Intel’s limited-edition processor AMD has an offer that can make your day.

AMD is offering those who won the processor to exchange it with a much better 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X. Those who won the Intel’s processor can exchange it, but there is a catch only first 40 people who entered their details over the website would be able to exchange it. Furthermore, there are more conditions such as the winner has to be an adult (over 18 years) US citizen, while the other details can be found over their website.

Image: PC world
Image: PC world

Now, why you would want to exchange your prize a question arises after AMD’s campaign, according to AMD “We’ll let the numbers do the talking: 16 cores. 32 threads. 64 PCIe Gen3 lanes. 40MB cache. Need more? Unrestrained performance for all your workloads. AMD SenseMI technology that leverages machine intelligence to customize performance.”

Although AMD’s processor is much better on paper, the Intel’s processor has its advantages too because of its higher clockspeed, and the AMD processor will require a X399 motherboard to work, if you don’t own it would cost $300. All in all, it is good to see healthy competition between firms that will ultimately benefit the consumer thus the invisible hand is indeed at work.


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