AMD Is All Set To Get Ahead Of Its Rivals With Their Navi GPUs, Specs And Prices Leaked

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The computer hardware giant, AMD is working on three brand new graphics card that will most likely beat Nvidia in the midrange of the GPU industry if the leaks by AdoredTV are precise. AMD has stuck with the Polaris architecture for their Radeon series card but now they are finally upgrading it to the brand new 7nm Navi graphics architecture.

According to the rumors, the Navi GPU family will start off with three members that will be going up against the Nvidia’s mid-range lineup. Before we dive deep it is important to note that all of these drastic claims about specification, performance, power requirements and pricing are mostly alleged.

But if just to say that these leaks are accurate then it is going to shake up the gaming industry as at the rumored pricing they are going to sell like hot cakes. Now let’s discuss what the leaks actually states.

The new Radeon graphics card will fall under 3000 series branding. This seems like a marketing strategy by the company as studies have shown that by throwing bigger numbers than the competition people are more attracted towards the product. It might seem immature but that is not what we are here to discuss.

AMD Radeon RX 3080:

The Radeon RX 3080 will be the most powerful graphics card in the series that will compete with the Nvidia RTX 2070. It will feature latest Navi 10 GPU that is built on the TSMC’s 7nm FinFET process. The graphics card will integrate 8 Gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM and will have a TDP rating of 150 W. The price point is said to be around $250 which is pretty surprising compared to Nvidia’s US$400+ GTX 1080 GPUs while the RTX 2070 costs even more.

In terms of performance, this card will most likely perform 10-15% better than the AMD’s current most powerful graphics card, the VEGA 64. This all sounds pretty impressive and hard to believe as it would be quite remarkable to get RTX 2070 level performance at nearly half the price.

AMD Radeon RX 3070:

Next up is the Radeon RX 3070, it will also feature 8 Gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM and even lower TDP of 120 W. This graphics card is said to sport the AMD’s upcoming 7nm Navi 12 GPU and will offer GTX 1070/ Vega 56 level performance. It will go head to head with Nvidia’s unreleased mid-range GTX 2060 but it will only cost $200.

AMD Radeon RX 3060:

Finally, the third GPU will be the RX 3060 which will feature the same 7nm Navi 12 GPU used in the RX 3070, however, it will be a slightly less powerful one. This GPU is expected to come with 4 Gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM and a TDP rating of only 75 W which means that you will not be needing a powerful PSU for this graphics card. It can draw all the power from the PCI-Express slot and will not require a separate power connector.

The RX 3060 is said to offer performance on par with the GTX 1060 and RX 580. It will also compete with the unreleased GTX 2050. The pricing for this card will be around $130.

The company’s CEO Lisa Su said that they are very confident this time and they should be as AMD is set to get ahead of its rivals since Nvidia’s RTX 2000-series is using the 12 nm node and Intel will be stuck with a half-baked 10 nm node.

We can expect these GPUs to launch sometime in the summer of 2019. Let’s hope that all the rumors are true as it will make gaming much more affordable. We won’t have to wait long for that as it will all be confirmed at CES next month.

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