Amazon is overhauling its Fire Tablets

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Tablets are the coolest and trending gadgets which are preferred by people because of its portability. Compared to smartphones tabs are quite portable and durable as well.

Amazon, the finest and amazing gadgets maker is dominating over the market with its latest and startling gadgets. But the recent news which left the people in trance is that Amazon has reduced the price of its Fire HD tablets by $10.

But only this, the newly upgraded models will be now available from the next month at very judicious cost price $80. This news has spread all over the market and people are going crazy to buy the amazing newly upgraded tabs at such an affordable price.

Amazon has announced to launch the new version of 7-inch Fire Tablet with the price tag of $50. It has also announced to introduce the two new versions of its kid’s tablets.

The brand new Fire 7 Kid’s version will only cost $100, whereas the Fire HD 8 Kid’s version will cost $130. But the promotion offer of Amazon is more exciting as it’s giving 20% off on buying 3 Fire devices at once.

The Fire 7 version of the Amazon tabs is jam-packed with amazing features. The design of the tabs is sleeker as it’s lighter and thinner than before. The better battery life along with 8GB storage and improved WiFi makes its perfect.

Whereas, the Fire 8 HD has a 12 hours battery life and a huge storage space of 16GB to 32 GB.  Plus the new software of Amazon, Alexa is now available on the new versions of Amazon tabs.

The children tabs are also amazing in terms of specifications as the Fire 7 Kid’s version has a 16GB storage expandable and 8 hours battery life. The Fire HD 8 Kid’s version has an astounding battery life of 12 hours and immense 32 GB storage space.

Amazon is trying to settle the perfect price for the tablets as various other brands like Apple has also recently dropped the price of its cheapest iPad.

As the compared to the smart phones, people show less interest in updating their tablets. Amazon is trying to keep the price of its tablets cheap so people will show more interest in buying them.

Along with this Amazon has also dropped the shipping price of its Tablets to 8% and this is great step as for Amazon gadgets are quite valuable.

Amazon devices are the most remarkable and effective devices in the market as they make the life of people easier and better. These newly launched and upgraded tabs of Amazon will definitely dominate the market.

The costs of the tablets are quite affordable and getting all the essential as well as extra features in a single device is a boon in this era. Amazon is trying hard to keep up in the race of top selling tablets manufacturers and it seems like that this step will turn out to be a benefiting one.

According to Amazon, these latest and upgraded tablets will be available in the market on 7 June onwards but it’s not confirmed when this 20% promotion offer will end.

These Amazon tablets will turn out to be an amazing and remarkable experience for all the tablet users and getting all the essentials is simply a boon for the tablet users all over the world.

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