Amazon Echo Look, the AI Fashion Police helping you look your best

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For a fashion conscious person, constantly perturbed about looking presentable, one of the tedious tasks is to decide on which outfit to wear to a particular event or evening. Be it a date night out or movie nights with the girls, picking the right outfit for the occasion can wear you out even before you have stepped out of the house. But fret no more because Amazon’s latest voice-enabled gadget is here for the rescue. Your very own Fashion Police just a click away.

Amazon Echo Look, a photo and video camera device assists you in deciding which outfits to choose from. All you have to do is capture full body selfies or videos and upload it on the device. The inbuilt speaker in the gadget will use artificial intelligence along with advice from a few real stylists and help you pick an outfit. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Although the hands-on fashion advice device is available at a hefty price tag of $200, it can drastically change the way people shop with an AI Fashion Police in their pockets. How many times have we been stuck in a trial room, contemplating on which outfit to choose from, especially when your pockets allow you to only purchase one? With Echo Look, you can quickly upload your picture and let the device decide for you. The Style Check feature works on point and lets you catalog all your looks.

Along with smart fashion advices, the Echo Look also works as any other Alexa installed Echo devices. From playing music to setting reminders and operating your other Alexa-compatible smart home devices, it is equipped to perform them all.

Small and handy Echo Look, however, falls short in some areas. Just like all good things have their own shortfalls this AI Fashion Police too has a comparatively poor sound quality. What’s worse, if you already own other smart Echo devices then you will barely be able to differentiate one device from the other as the voice in each sound the same. But one thing that Echo look is, in fact, different in when compared to Amazon’s other voice-enabled Echo devices – Echo Tap and Echo Dot – is its inability to send and receive messages. User will not be able to communicate via Echo Look, perhaps, an option they will be willing to compromise on.

Another aspect that may not go in favor of this latest fashion revolution is the fact that many users will be uploading a bunch load of their personal pictures and videos on it. A huge amount of personal data Amazon will have its hands on.

But let’s face it, for someone who is always worked up about what to wear, Amazon Echo Look is just the smart gadget they need in their handbags. It’s easy to use and gives well-articulated feedback.

How to use: Place the camera atop a surface or mount it on a wall, tilt it the way you wantto for it to get the best shot of you. Position yourself in the middle of the camera for it to be able to capture your full body and adjust by looking at the preview displayed on your smartphones via the Echo Look app. Once you find the right angle, ask Alexa to take your picture with the command of your voice. It will beep twice with LED light turning on before it clicks the picture on its third beep. Now sit back and wait for a few seconds for an apt feedback.

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