Amazing Selling Machine – Amazing Much?

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With this growing E-Commerce world today, we come across a plethora of new inventions and options every day. Opportunities that help generate money through World Wide Web. This is the digital marketing era, and you cannot just lie behind in this fast paced zone.

Here’s something bombarding in our mailboxes these days about how to utilize the Amazon guru in the most efficient of a way to be the top rated seller. Let us analyze why this Amazing Selling Machine has taken off so quickly and so easily.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine or ASM is an online business program tool offered by the Amazing Academy. This program’s main objective is to guide you to build a profitable business. It allows and facilitates you to sell your brand’s physical products via Amazon.

Entrepreneurs get to avail live teaching programs for learning fast growth business hacks. This course teaches you to use Amazon as a platform to sell real products to your buyers. The whole idea behind this business is drop-shipping products.

By definition, drop shipping is fetching items from the wholesaler or manufacturer and shipping them directly to the customer. Basically, the retailer i.e., YOU, doesn’t get to see or handle products. This buys and sells method helps keep operating expenses and cost minimum resulting in increased profit and sale numbers.

If you want to build a business without getting into the hassle of maintaining an inventory then this might be your got to option. But wait, there’s a lot more to it than you know.

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark co-founded and launched it in October 2013. Jason and Matt’s aim is to guide people in creating a retail window on If you are pursuing to run a private label under your name ASM’s kit was designed for you.

Sell your physical products on Amazon. Even if you are a wholesale buyer you can sell any manufacturer’s products under your name because you own them.

You will get an eight-week classes web pack online along with 70 tried and tested lessons. ASM members are also offered an 8-week group coaching calls with 7 proprietary software tools along with an exclusive community membership and live hands-on workshop.

You will get to sell real tangible goods that are purchased on a day to day life basis. In this way, you’ll be able to bond with the customer resulting in increased brand value.

You will need a hell lot time to master this program though, which is quite a while. Four to five months only learning time is A LOT before you master the art of it. So for me, this is a downside.

But the real question is, is a training program worth $3500 worth the claim it does? Are you ready to give away $4000 in hope to make $100,000 a month? Now that was a million dollar question indeed. Whether or to what extent does Amazing Selling Machine click our intuitions? Tough call to make eh..?

Here’s what Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark (the founders) have to say about the ASM training system:

“It is not just a product that teaches some tips on listing and selling products on Amazon, but a complete guide to running, growing and scaling a real physical products business. The techniques in the program have been carefully designed to be very effective and easy to implement.” Watch Video

It has huge profit potential in terms of keeping a physical store that requires, employees, warehouse, maintenance, bills etc and etc associated with it.This is probably the thorniest part of finding a good manufacturer and a product whose quality you can certainly trust.
It offers an endless product range that helps you explore a large variety according to customer’s needs and that too with drop-shipping.It could end up really time taking because you need to make sure about finding a supplier with low-cost products with not very low aimed quality to help you maximize brand profits.
No responsibility of keeping an inventory which is very bothersome to look after. A hassle free route for sellers.
Amazon basically does all the work for you. And being an established portal with organized methods portal itself it won’t make you feel dubious at any step while order processing

The Real Facts:

This revenue method of drop shipping products on Amazon is has been introduced in past by many marketing models. In simple words, all you need to do is buy low-cost products and gain hefty profit from it. Wall mart is a known example of this tried and tested technique which makes billions of dollars from its low-cost products by marking them up. The quest for finding cheaply priced products is not hard after all unless we got China still existing.

Who doesn’t know that already? So basically this is what Amazing Selling Machine teaches you of how and where to locate low-cost goods that fetch you a fortune in no matter of time. All you’ve got to do is contact and find a reliable manufacturer with quality goods in China then order the items in bulk.

It sounds simple but believes me on that, it is not just a piece of cake. Finding a trustworthy manufacturer, buying the right quality of product and then labeling it as your own is not a child’s play. It takes something to attain that. Even if the course taught you all tidbits from scratch you’ll still need a long connecting ladder to ride onto your final step. The final step needs you to sign up by Amazon

  • I personally feel that being a marketing lesson pack it is overpriced. You might be convinced by its 30-day money back guarantee but you are unlikely to generate any profit within 30 days that is. So who are you kidding yourself to? In my opinion, the founders only want to portray it as a valuable program that will fetch you heaped profits so the price is an advertising tact.
  • The costlier the worthier. This is a tact to make customers readily believe how extremely valuable this course is. A make believes concept it is. Self-proclaimed marketers succeeded in selling this program to newbies generating a big deal of fame by raising their hopes high.


The baseline is,

  1. If you are already an experienced retailer and a developed label in buying and selling goods over the web but wanting to expand your business then this idea might work for you. You certainly will approve of it.
  2. And if you are a newbie and inexperienced in e-commerce then you should give it a shot. Amazing Selling Machine is easy to use and might prove to be your most suitable product to start.


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