Amabrush – The 10 Seconds Toothbrush We All Secretly Wished For!

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Let’s admit it, we all hate that time before bed when we have to drag our tired and sleepy selves to the bathroom for the most dreadful activity of the day – brushing our teeth!

Sure we all know the importance of brushing and dental hygiene as well as its related effects on our general health. It’s just that it feels like an eternity brushing our teeth perfectly when all we can think of is lying in bed and catching some zees. It is amazing how much time we spend brushing our teeth, on average 108 days in a lifetime. Then comes the problem of correctly brushing your teeth. Because doing it the wrong way is simply not going to be of any benefit.

Brushing teeth is a tedious activity, one that needs concentration and precision. The pressure needs to be just right, the angle needs to be such so as to clean every tooth, and most importantly, every tooth needs to be given the right amount of time for perfect cleaning. Mostly people just want to get over with it and do not brush for the recommended length of time. Some people do not brush at all simply because it is such an annoyance.

Wonder how amazing it would be if we could just press a button and whoosh, perfectly brushed teeth in a matter of seconds! No magical wand required, thanks to Amabrush, this is a reality now.

Amabrush is a fully automatic toothbrush, nothing like the myriad of so-called automatic toothbrushes in the market at present. No more scrubbing to and fro or even holding the brush in your hand. Just pop the brush inside your mouth, press a button and let it do its job, that too in a mere 10 seconds time! The result is perfectly clean teeth inside and out.

Amabrush Mouthpiece
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The flexible mouthpiece fits your mouth perfectly though it looks a lot like a mouth guard. Although there are slight differences among male and female jaw size and otherwise from person to person, the flexibility of the mouthpiece does not let this be a problem. The bristles are soft enough not to harm the gums and strong enough to perfectly clean each tooth, made of silicon which has antibacterial properties, placed at an angle of 45-degrees in order to reach every tooth and cleans all your teeth at once. The toothpaste is transported from the protruding round ‘handpiece’ of the Amabrush, which stays outside the mouth while brushing, into your mouth through micro-channels built inside the mouthpiece.

Amabrush Handpiece
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The round, detachable ‘handpiece’ of the Amabrush is where all the magic takes place. It contains the toothpaste in liquid form, along with a button on top. Tapping this button starts the device’s operation. The technology inside allows it to foam the toothpaste and deliver it in that form inside the mouth. Along with this, it moves the bristles inside your mouth and within 10 seconds you get sparkly clean teeth. The movement of the bristles is not too strong in order to keep your teeth and gums from damage. Currently, there are three choices of toothpaste available with the Amabrush.

The handpiece also holds the battery which runs the Amabrush and a micro pump. It can be recharged wirelessly and lasts for almost 28 sessions before needing to be charged again. The battery lasts for almost a month before needing to be recharged.

Since the handpiece is easily detachable, attached only by a strong magnet to the mouthpiece, it can be used by multiple users with individual mouthpieces. Like all toothbrushes, the mouthpiece should be replaced after 3 to 6 months.

The Amabrush works in line with the Bass method of brushing teeth. It is a technique which was introduced by Doctor Charles C. Bass and involves brushing in a circular motion while holding the brush at an angle of 45-degrees. Amabrush employs this technique because of its positive results and worldwide acceptance by dentists as the correct way of brushing. It works well with braces and dental prosthesis and also saves toothpaste waste by supplying only the right amount every time.

Amabrush has taken several years in the making and is now being crowd funded on Kickstarter. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response and will start shipping out orders by the end of this year. Pre-orders are open on the site and the basic model costs around $90. The advanced model with a wireless charging booth costs around $113. Once it goes off the Kickstarter site, the Amabrush and its supplies and refills will be available from its own online shop.

The Amabrush is a dream come true for everyone who has ever dreaded the ‘brush time’. It makes taking care of our teeth a whole lot easier and a lot less annoying. A lot of teeth and gum diseases that are only caused because of bad oral hygiene can be prevented by regular and correct brushing and Amabrush ensures it is all done perfectly in a hassle-free way.

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