All about the Intel’s limited edition Core i7-8086k

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Intel announced a limited-edition processor that will commemorate company’s forty years of x86 architecture that was released with their first processor called 8086, at Computex 18. This announcement was followed by a disastrous reveal of their 28-Core processor that was just Intel’s catching up with AMD who reveal their much practical solution with four more cores 6 hours after Intel’s press conference.

Nonetheless, the new limited-edition processor is named after the first x86 processor as Intel Core I7-8086k. These processors are now available for sale, and Intel has produced only 50,000 of these processors, you might want to hurry If you want to buy one of these. On the other hand, as a gesture of getting back, they announced that they would be giving away 8086 of these processors to its consumers the details of getting into the giveaway are here at Intel’s website.

Image: Anandtech
Image: Anandtech

The Intel Core i7-8086k processor is a refined version of the Core i7-8700k that has six multi-threaded cores and twelve threads for a beast of a multicore performance, the processor maxes out at the 4Ghz frequency. The further overclocking capabilities of the processor depends upon the quality and composition of the material used, according to the findings over the PCGamsN 86% of the Core i7-8700k processors are stable at 5Ghz, while the count falls to 50% at 5.1Ghz and only 17% of these processors can handle the frequency of 5.2Ghz.

Image: ZeroHorizon central
Image: ZeroHorizon central

So, it can be inferred that the Intel Core i7-8086k is the factory’s binned version (It means cherry picked processors that can have better clock speeds) of the Hexa-core Core i7-8700k processor. These processors have a base clock speed of 5Ghz, but there is a catch Intel is only ensuring that one of the six cores will run at the 5Ghz speed while the rest will remain the same speed as the traditional 8700k processor. The overclocking possibilities are still here as it is the unlocked processor which means you can overclock all cores beyond the 5Ghz mark at your own risk the same report from PCGamsN suggest that 92% of the 8086k processors are capable of 5.1Ghz while 60% of them can run at 5.2Ghz

These processors have been around the market for quite a sometime now many people have compared it with the original 8700k processor. Now Silicon Lottery, a Texas-based company, committed to providing the pre-overclocked version of the processors announced yesterday that it would ship these processers in different configuration depending upon the clock speed the 5Ghz model will start around $470 while higher speed models will charge a further premium. Now, these processors are only marketed towards the enthusiasts a more rational consumer can make do with the cheaper processor from Intel or the much cheaper Core i7-8700k can manage everything for an average consumer.


Image: Toms Hardware
Image: Toms Hardware


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