Best Air Fryers Of 2017

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Staying healthy is one of the biggest challenges for us in today’s world. Junk food and the unhealthy oily bites are no doubt loved by all but it can cause health troubles too. We all would want to stay fit and healthy but our irresistible desire towards delicious fried chicken or French fries makes us forget everything.

One of the major causes of FAT is the intake of oily food, and not only this, oily food can also cause other diseases like heart problems, blood pressure etc. And as it is almost impossible to remove oil from our daily food routine, so what is it we can do to make it sure we consume the minimum amount of oil and still get to eat our favorite food?

The answer is to start using Air Fryers, they are amazing new day’s innovation which enables you to cook your same favorite food without using too much oil and with the same great taste.

How Is Air Fryer’s Food Healthy?

The traditional fryers require a lot of oil to cook the food, especially the deep fryers require a lot of cooking oil to prepare the food which is very unhealthy for us, lets say we all love French fries prepared in the deep fryer and it tastes amazing but the amount of oil used in preparing those fries adds lots of fats and cholesterol, whereas Air Fryers can cook the same tasty food with up to 75% less oil.

Air Fryers work on heated air circulating evenly in the fryers and it heats the air up to 400 degrees Celsius, which requires very less amount of oil as compared to the normal fryers (about 75% to 80% less), hence this using feature of Air Fryers make them unique and provides you same delicious food in more healthy way.

Air Fryer can do almost everything that your normal fryer does, it can broil, bake, fry, grill and more with using the lesser quantity of cooking oil. Air Fryers are also a good idea for summers where you don’t want to eat oily food and also don’t want to heat up your kitchen by those big heated deep fryers. Air Fryers are handy and occupies less space in the kitchen and they also make less mess than a deep fryer does.

Choose The Best Air Fryer:

Looking at the needs of our readers, we have decided to list the top 5 best Air fryers of 2017 that are available in the market. This list down below will help you choose your required Air Fryer by looking at the size, shape, function, weight, and efficiency and of course PRICE!

  1. Philips XL Air Fryer:

This is undoubtedly the best Air fryer available in the market in our opinion, its big, it has more capacity and a lot of features which definitely make Philips XL the best Air Fryer in the market. It’s suitable for the big families who want to fry the food at once.

It has a very detailed starfish design that allows the hot air to circulate properly and evenly in the fryer by using the Rapid Air technology. The Philips XL can bake, grill, roast, steam and fry the food for you, using a very less amount of oil. The basket can hold up to 2.65 pounds of food, that makes this air fryer XL.

The Philips XL is 2100 watts and it has a user-friendly touch interface which has up to 390 degrees of adjustable heat temperature, a 60-minute timer and a recipe book along with a smartphone add that allows your to access numerous delicious recipes. The only downside of this air fryer is it’s a little pricey.

The components of the XL air fryers are dishwasher-safe so and the whole fryer is very easy to clean. The price of Philips XL air fryer is $299 and it weighs around 19 pounds. Check Amazon Prices

  1. GoWISE USA GW 22611:

This is number 2nd on our best air fryers list. GoWISE is a 8 in 1 electric air fryer that uses a unique rapid air circulation technology and enhances the process of frying, giving you the same taste and look as deep fryers do.

GoWISE is a 1500 watts Air fryer that has a 3.7-quart capacity, means you can fry large serving in one go, that is what makes GoWISE one of the best air fryer, it weighs only 11 pounds and around 9 inches in size, making it one of the smallest air fryer on this list, capacity wise it’s really great if we compare it with other air fryers.

The GoWISE comes with an adjustable temperature (from 176 to 392 degrees) and a 30 minutes timer, it also has an overheat sensor that will turn it off automatically if it overheats the food. GoWISE has a large LCD display that makes it easy for you to operate and giving you all the options at your fingertips. GoWISE also features some basic safety options. It is priced at $79 that makes it really good deal to have. Check Amazon Prices

  1. T-Fal FZ7002 ActiFry:

If you are looking for a simple, energy efficient and less expensive air fryer then T-Fal is the best option for you. It is a beautiful looking air fryer that uses the same technology as Philips AirFryer and uses a very small amount of oil that is taken out off the food you are preparing. It has a unique design along with a paddle that stirs the food in strong motion to heat the food with air and the system works almost like when you deep fry the anything.

T-Fal ActiFry has a decent capacity with a very good-looking and comparatively small design, and it can cook over 2.9 liters of food at a time. However, it is still not the biggest capacity air fryer that is available in the market but still, it’s enough for a small family.

Another good thing about T-Fal ActiFry is its energy efficient, with 1450 watts it does a good job and is capable of making almost everything you want from an air fryer.

T-Fal weighs only 10.9 pounds that mean it will take less space in your kitchen and its small body enables you to take it with you anywhere if you want. It produces air to heat up to 338 degrees that are enough to make any food. And you get a 30 minutes timer feature as well.

All the detachable components of the T-Fal are dishwasher safe that makes it easy for you to clean it up after using.

The price of T-Fal ActiFry is $162. Check Amazon Prices

  1. NutriChef Electric Air Fryer:

If you are looking for a simple budget-friendly Air Fryer with normal capacity, NutriChef can be a good choice. It’s a very simple yet good-looking air fryer and probably the less expensive air fryer in the list. It comes with 2 manual knobs, one for temperature and other for the timer, it has an air heat temperature system which heats up the food through the air for about 400 degrees along with a 30 minutes automatic timer, its 1500 watts so we can say it’s energy efficient too.

The sliding frying basket is easy to wash and is dishwasher friendly. NutriChef air fryer has a nonstick coating, which does not let your food stuck with the fryer. This fryer can do almost everything just like your normal fryer i.e. roast, grill, fry, steam etc. the price for NutriChef is $70. Check Amazon Prices

  1. Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer:

This air fryer has every reason to be on the top 5 best air fryers list. Avalon Bay Digital air dryer uses a different technology than other air fryers, and it promotes healthy eating by using the minimum amount of oil there could be in the food.

This air fryer starts cooking with a fan, which first extracts the oil from the raw food that you have placed in the basket, and collects it in another basket placed below the food. After that, it uses a fast heated air technology, which helps the food cook thoroughly. And the result is same like food prepared in a deep fryer.

The Avalon Bay has a very decent food capacity that is 3.2 liters with a nonstick dish and multi-layered basket, and it runs on 1400 watts which are enough to prepare the food properly and that makes it one of the most energy efficient air fryers in this list.

It has a lovely LCD with touch controls and it has a 400-degree temperature option, which is also customizable. The price of this air fryer is $99.  Check Amazon Prices

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