AIBO the pet dog returns with artificial intelligence!


AIBO, Sony’s pet dog is back with a bang after 12 years!!Taking the users by surprise is the artificial intelligence which allows the dog bot to learn behavioral patterns with time.

After such long time, the re launching of the dog bot has some up on their heels, eager to see what the tech giant has in store this time around. Sony has announced the release of its latest robotic dog, AIBO, featuring a dynamic range of movements and eager responsiveness, the puppy bot also develops its own unique personality as it grows closer to its owners.

With the purpose to provide support and emotional comfort, Sony came up with this ingenious robo pet that forms emotional ties with the family members, reciprocating love and affection and giving them the joy of raising a companion.

And this time around, the robot dog has technical support installed which enables it to learn habits and patterns over time. Sony developed ultracompact 1- and 2-axis actuators to bring AIBO to life. These features allow the dog to express emotions and the freedom to move along a total of 22 axes.

The compact sleek body of the bot has two OLEDs, which are the eyes, offering nuanced expressions. The dog cleverly seeks out its owners, wonderfully detecting the words of praise, smiles, head and back scratches, petting, and more.

These learned behaviors are stored in the cloud, and are constantly updated as the dog comes into contact with other AIBOs and humans.

“Aibo’s AI learns from interactions with its owners and develops a unique personality over time,” said Sony and further elaborated,

“With its owners’ permission, Aibo can collect data from these interactions, then connect to the cloud and access the knowledge accumulated from interactions between different owners and their Aibo to become even more clever.”

Unlike its previous self, the dog is equipped with several more exciting features apart from AI. These include sensors that are able to detect different sounds and images, and fish-eye cameras that use geographical mapping technology to allow the dog to run to its owner when called.

The mechanics controlling the dog’s eyes, ears and tail movements have also been improved to offer a range of “life-like expressions and a dynamic array of movements”. Up to 20 sensors help the robot analyze the environment and the movement of people as it walks around.

Furthermore, there’s an app called My Aibo that is used to access settings, view photos taken from the dog’s camera, and download additional “tricks” from a store. Aibo also now requires a subscription, like SoftBank’s Pepper, running $26 a month for a minimum of three years. This gives you Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, cloud backup, and access to the app’s features.

Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai said that this combination of AI, sensors and robotic technology showcases what the company is capable of. Surely, being the pioneers in the field, one could expect perfection at its very best and considering the version builds on the previous ones, you are bound to be in for some fun with this one!

The new AIBO goes on sale with a price tag of 198,000 yen, or about $2,200 Cdn. Owners will have to wait until Jan. 11 to receive it. Till then sit back and wait before you get your hands on this cute little piece of tech, to which you would, without doubt, get attached to in no time.